Construction of the Monie Bay Trails

Monie Bay is CBNERR-MD’s largest and longest-established component. Despite this, Monie Bay lacked public access due to minimal facilities and infrastructure. To address this issue, intern Marion Clement pioneered a network of three trails to give visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand the rich ecology of this mesohaline estuary.

The trails were designed to minimize navigational difficulties by providing clear way-finding signs and an online map that can be printed or viewed by smart-phone. In addition, Marion created an interpretive document to educate visitors on the local ecology and maritime history of Monie Bay and Deal Island.

Installing the Signs

Marion called upon the Chesapeake Conservation Corps of 2013-14 to help the CBNERR-MD team install trail signs on May 9th, 2014. This event brought together local experts, Maryland DNR employees, and volunteers who installed trail signs and provided feedback for the trail. Participants partnered in pairs and carried supplies by canoe to sign locations, proceeding to install signs according to map and directions. There were a total of forty signs installed over three trails, covering about nine miles of tidal creeks. This highly sucessful event could not have happened without the support of our funder, the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Chesapeake Bay Trust logo 

Partners for the Project

This project could not have been possible without the help of our partners:

  • Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service
  • The Chesapeake Bay Trust
  • Somerset County
  • Department of Natural Resources Public Access, Water Trails and Recreation Planning Program

Marion would like to send a special thank you to:

  • The facilitators of All-Hands Day.
  • The CBNERR-MD team for helping her plan the All-Hands event.
  • Supervisor Chris Snow for all his support throughout the project.
  • John Moulis for helping her install trail signs during a blisteringly hot day.
  • Hutch Walbridge for providing sign posts for the project.
  • The Chesapeake Conservation Corps for providing her with such a great professional opportunity.