Smallwood State Park

​Boat Ramp Notice:​ The Smallwood State Park boat ramps will be closed for Triathlons on April 26, 2025 and June 8, 2025. Boat traffic entering the park that day will be turned around at the park entrance and directed to other nearby boat ramps. If you have any questions prior to the date of the closure, please call the Smallwood State Park office at the contact phone number below.



Charles County

Smallwood State Park
2750 Sweden Point Road
Marbury MD 20658
Contact: ​301-743-7613​

Hours: 5 a.m. to sunset, April to October
7 a.m. to sunset, November to March​

Smallwood State Park takes its name from General William Smallwood, a native born Charles Countian. He was the highest ranked Marylander who served in the American Revolutionary War. His house, called Smallwood's Retreat, has been restored and is open to visitors seasonally. The 628 acre park offers a marina, boat launching ramps, a picnic area, camping area, pavilions, two playgrounds, and nature trails.​ On occasion, there are craft demonstrations, military exhibitions and other special events.

The Osprey Cam at Smallwood


Welcome to the 'Osprey Cam' at Smallwood State Park in Marbury, Maryland. Thanks to a generous donation from the Southern Maryland Audubon Society, we are excited to be able to offer you a live-stream feed of an Osprey nest here at the park. Osprey are generally most active on this nest site between mid March and early July, however, it is not uncommon to have other birds such as Bald Eagles stop to rest on the platform at other times of the year.

Please note that this is a wild Osprey nest, and even though park staff is as hopeful as you are for a successful nesting season each year, we do not interfere with their natural cycle which sometimes may include interactions with predators or natural disasters. Park Staff work with a licensed bird bander each year to monitor the chicks and put a federal identification band on their leg. These band numbers are recorded in a federal database and allow scientists to share data about where Osprey travel. For many years we had a female on this nest tagged as Z07, whose leg band allowed us to track her all the way to where she was born in Northern Ohio. We hope our continued monitoring efforts will allow similar tracking of other Osprey in the future.​​​​​​

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