South Mountain State Park


South Mountain State Park includes two hunting areas. A Maryland hunting license and knowledge of the Maryland hunting seasons is required. There is no hunting on Sundays. Access is limited, so be prepared to hike long distances. To improve your hunting experience, scout out the areas prior to hunting season. You may use the Appalachian Trail to access the hunting areas, but the Appalachian Trail Corridor is a non-hunting area. You cannot hunt until you are 150 yards away from the Trail in either direction.

Make sure your weapon is unloaded in the safety zones and also while hiking to your destination through non-hunting areas. Respect private property. Off road motorized vehicle use is strictly prohibited. Remember that many hikers using the trail may be unaware of hunting seasons. Boundaries are marked with yellow paint. A yellow line indicates you are looking into state property; a yellow dot indicates you are looking into private property.

Be sure to consult your Guide to Hunting and Trapping in Maryland for season dates and bag limits.

Hunters may enter / remain on park property outside of the regular posted hours provided that they are engaged in legitimate, authorized hunting activity.