Rocky Gap State Park


Rocky Gap is one of Maryland's many state parks that allow hunting activities for the public. At Rocky Gap there are 1,451 acres of designated for hunting. This area can be accessed by walking from the parking area at the Touch of Nature Trailhead or by walking in from the campground or campground office parking lot.

A separate 300-acre tract of land between Pleasant Valley Road and I-68 offers bow only hunting. Parking is available at the amphitheatre on Pleasant Valley Road.

Hunting Policy:

Hunting areas are marked with signs and safety areas are posted. Please recognize all hunting regulations and safety precautions. Remember to keep all weapons unloaded and cased until you are within a designated hunting area. Hunters are asked to take into consideration that recreational trails do pass into the managed hunting areas. Rocky Gap State Park offers a distinct hunting program for individuals who possess a Universal Disability Pass, allowing the disabled hunter to hunt from a vehicle. For specific information refer to the Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping for current seasons. Hunting area maps are available at the ranger station.

Hunters may enter/remain on park property outside of the regular posted hours provided that they are engaged in legitimate, authorized hunting activity.