Herrington Manor State Park

Hiker with dog on Herrington Manor State Park TrailHiking and Trail Maps

Herrington Manor offers 12 miles of trails.

ALERT: Herrington Manor State Park does not permit hunting, however many of the hiking trails accessed from the park traverse through Garrett State Forest, which is open to hunting. 

Trail users are encouraged to wear bright colors and stay on trails during hunting seasons. Please use the link below to refer to the hunting guide for hunting season dates. http://www.eregulations.com/maryland/hunting/

The 5.5 mile trail connects Herrington Manor and Swallow Falls State Park and is 5.5 miles one way.

​Rental Bikes Available​Bike Rentals at Herrington Manor State Park

Fat tire bike rentals are available to rent year-round at the lake house.​

$14 per hour /  $35 a day. Rental hours are 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. All rentals must be returned by 5 p.m.​

​Trail Maps​

​​ GSF MAP ​ 
​ ​

Trail Maps are available for purchase at the Ranger Station.

To purchase copies of the Herrington Manor State Park Trail Guide with a credit card, please "click" on this link to place your order online.