Gambrill State Park

Gambrill Nature Center

Nature Center

The High Knob nature center features information on the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), as well as information on native wildlife.

The nature center also has activity packets available for family activities such as scavenger hunts and self-guided hikes.

The nature center is open by appointment when staffing levels permit. Please contact the park office to schedule access.

Self-Guided Activities

While we can’t offer educational programming at the park right now, consider printing these self-guided activities before visiting!

  • Tree Army: Basic Training 
    • Print this activity and bring it to the park with you to learn about the Civilian Conservation Corps and their role in building Gambrill State Park!
  • Gambrill Geology Trail
  • Self-Guided Tree ID
    • Look for the plaques along the Red Maple Trail to learn about the tree species in Gambrill State Park.
  • ParkQuest 2021: Coming soon!​
  • Onward Soldier!
    • For limited time, take this Oregon Trail styled activity hike to learn about the struggles Civil War Soldiers faced while marching through this exact area. Along the way, you will have opportunities to spin for your chances of starvation, contracting disease, and more. Be prepared to hike at least 3 miles on moderate terrain.