Deep Creek Lake Natural Resources Management Area

Hydrilla Control Program Will Continue in 2022​

In 2013, Maryland Department of Natural Resource biologists discovered hydrilla – a fast growing invasive weed that can negatively impact recreational opportunities in the southern portion of Deep Creek Lake. The department convened a nationwide expert panel to evaluate all potential hydrilla control strategies and implemented a multi-year herbicide program. Since 2014, the department has been treating the lake-bottom where hydrilla has been found with small amounts of herbicide each year to exhaust all of the tubers (reproductive structures that generate new plants). The treatment program has been successful since its inception in 2014 and is planned to continue during the summer of 2022. Hydrilla control contractors will follow COVID 19 guidelines issued by the State of Maryland at the time of treatment such as social distancing and using required PPE.

The 2022 planned herbicide treatment dates are as follows:

  • June 14 – 1st hydrilla treatment
  • July 5 – 2nd hydrilla treatment
  • July 26 – 3rd hydrilla treatment
  • August 16 – 4th hydrilla treatment

Treatments are usually conducted on Tuesdays, however dates are subject to change due to weather conditions. The department encourages lake residents to sign up for email updates. For questions about the Hydrilla Control Program, please contact Mark Lewandowski.