Deep Creek Lake State Park

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Deep Creek Lake State Park Trail Map

Photo of trail in Deep Creek Lake State ParkDeep Creek Lake State Park offers trails for everyone with varying lengths and difficulties. All trails are great for hiking, mountain biking and snowshoeing.

Additionally, Meadow Mountain Trail allows snowmobiling and cross country skiing in winter. Snowmobile season starts December 15th and ends March 15th annually. Four inches of snow cover is required.

Pick up a trail map in the headquarters office or the Discovery Center.

Deep Creek Lake State Park is one of Maryland’s many state parks that allow public hunting. Hiking and mountain biking trails traverse parts of the designated hunting area. Please be familiar with hunting seasons and remember to wear bright colors and be alert to all visitors recreating in this area.

The letters on the map represent intersections pertinent to locating a lost or injured individual. If you ever feel uncomfortable continuing on the trail, please call the duty ranger at 240-405-9827 and give the ranger on duty your reference letter.

Discovery/Sensory Trail (1/5 mile) – Easy – Yellow Rope – Starting by the Discovery Center, explore nature via smell, sound and touch. This is a great stroll through the woods and lakeside.

Snakeroot Trail (1/4 mile) – Easy – Green blaze – Use the Meadow Mountain Trail to access this easy, short loop. Pick up a self-guided brochure​ in the headquarters office before embarking on this interpretive nature trail. Use the panels to learn about the flora and fauna of Western Maryland.

Photo of trail in Deep Creek Lake State ParkCrosscut Trail (1 mile) - Moderate - Green blaze - Many Garrett County roads feature crosscuts, why not the trail system! This crosscut hews to the rockiest contours of the mountain. Combine with the upper/eastern leg of the Cherry Creek Loop (Yellow Blazes) for a short hike highlighting some of the park’s best rock outcrops. Can you find the fossil? Convenient parking is available at the Fire Tower parking lot.

Lookout Trail (1 ½ - 1 ¾ miles) – Moderate – Blue blaze – Built to challenge even the most skilled mountain bikers, the Lookout Trail also makes for a great moderate hike. This rugged, yet short, route includes rocky and steep terrain. Visitors must use the Beckmans and/or Indian Turnip Trail to access this connecting trail.

Beckmans Trail (2 miles) – Easy – Red blaze – The park’s most popular trail ventures along the ridgeline with only a slight elevation gain. Beckmans Trail is great for stretching your legs and learning some local history at the Brant Coal Mine, which visitors can find by following the posted signs. Trail users are recommended to begin at the day-use overflow parking lot and to follow the Meadow Mountain trail back to the point of origin once Beckmans Trail ends.

Cherry Creek Loop (3 miles) - Moderate - Yellow blaze - The Cherry Creek Loop passes through multiple ecosystems from lake-level to near the top of Meadow Mountain. Travel through rhododendron and mountain laurel thickets and hop rock to rock. Convenient parking is located at the Fire Tower parking lot.

Thayer Trace (3 miles) - Difficult - Purple blaze - Dive down into Meadow Mountain and reascend on this connector trail between Deep Creek Lake State Park and Savage River State Forest. Follow the intricate rock work to the optional obstacles, whether they be manicured rock formations or dirt passages. Trail users may begin at the park headquarters via the Indian Turnip Trail or Compartment 77 along Glendale Road. Which path will you choose?

Indian Turnip Trail (4.5 miles) - Moderate - Orange blaze - This rocky trail has an elevation gain of nearly 600 feet before leveling out at the top of the ridge and descending again. In the spring, Jack-in-the-pulpit, also known as Indian Turnip, flowers along the route. Visitors must combine with sections of Meadow Mountain or Beckmans Trail to return to the starting point. Convenient parking for the trail is located at the park headquarters.

Meadow Mountain Trail (5.5 miles) – Moderate – White blaze - Aligned along a former roadbed, summer users experience wildflowers and songs of birds while winter brings opportunities for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Visitors must follow Indian Turnip trail to return to the starting point.