As of 2023, Dans Mountain State Park opened the Perimeter Loop Trail (red blazes), a 4.5 mile, natural surface, singletrack trail designed and constructed to appeal to mountain bikers and hikers. The moderately challenging trail winds through mixed hardwood forests and groves of conifers, creating a thrilling and alluring experience year-round. Users can expect to challenge themselves over rocky terrain and 650 feet of elevation gain.

The Dye School Trail (white blazes) is a natural surface trail that when combined with a section of the Perimeter Loop​, creates an alternative one mile circuit linking access to the fishing pond with the foundation of the Dye School, a one room schoolhouse operating from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. In addition to the Dye School foundation, the trail features a forested environment with an open understory, remnants of a historic stone wall and two seasonal stream crossings. This moderately challenging trail includes rocky terrain and approximately 200 feet of elevation gain.

Please exercise Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics​ while using trails at Dans Mountain State Park. ​Stay on the designated path, do not leave behind any food waste or trash, and respect all wildlife you may encounter.
Note: Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails at Dans Mountain State Park. Leashed pets are welcome.

Trail Map