Sandy Point State Park

Beach scene at Sandy Point State Park

Swimming Beaches

The park’s one mile sandy beach provides plenty of room for enjoying a variety of beach activities. However, please be aware of the following:

Sandy Point State Park must adhere to statewide policies adopted by the Maryland Park Service regarding ALCOHOL, METAL DETECTING, PETS, DRONE USAGE. Please visit the Maryland Park Services Park Policies page to learn more.

Swimming is permitted in designated swimming areas only. A portion of South Beach is protected with lifeguards from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, weekends and holidays, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

A bathhouse is located near the beach and provides park users with restrooms and showering facilities. Note: Outdoor showers are available on the beach near the South Beach bathhouse. ​Snack food, beach and picnic supplies are also available at the South Beach area of the park and the Marina Store by the boat ramps.

Maryland State Parks are “Trash Free”. Please practice Leave No Trace principles and take your trash with you when you leave.

Special Notes: Small sun shades are permitted in the main beach area of the park; this includes the beach and grassy areas. Sun shades must be open-sided and must not exceed 10 foot square in size. For the safety of our guests, shade canopies cannot have closed sides (including tarps or side shades), staff must be able to see into the structure, and they must be set up behind the lifeguard stands. During the late summer months there may be jellyfish.​


  • All minors must be under immediate supervision of an adult at all times.
  • Pets are prohibited on the sandy portions of the beach areas from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day.
  • Alcohol is not permitted
  • Profanity, improper behavior, and vulgar remarks are prohibited and may result in patron dismissal from the premises for the day.
  • Disorderly acts and nudity are prohibited.
  • Fishing is prohibited within the designated swimming areas and is permitted in the areas signed for fishing from the beach. Fishing is permitted from the rock jetties.


  • Swimming is permitted only in the designated swimming areas.
  • No swimming after dark.
  • Boats are prohibited in the designated swimming area, and between the regulatory buoys and the shore.
  • To hang, sit or stand on swim ropes or buoys is prohibited.
  • Beach toys, such as Frisbees, beach balls, volleyballs, footballs, rafts, inflatable devices, etc. may be prohibited at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Horseplay or games that may cause injury are prohibited. Ball games are permitted and should be kept away from crowded areas.
  • Imitating the actions of drowning persons in jest or play is forbidden.
  • SCUBA diving is not permitted in the swimming areas. However, masks, fins and snorkels are permitted in the swimming areas.


  • Glass, alcohol, grills and fires are prohibited on the beach.
  • A tent, lean-to, or any other type of structure other than a beach umbrella cannot be placed on the sandy portion of the beach or left overnight. The placing of beach umbrellas in front of the lifeguard stands is prohibited.
  • Throwing sand is not allowed.
  • Park personnel are not responsible for articles of clothing, radios, or other valuables lost or stolen regardless of where stored.
  • Metal detectors are permitted from 7​am-9am on the beach and in swimming areas, from the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Metal detectors are permitted on the beach and in swimming areas during park hours from the day after Labor Day through the Friday before Memorial Day.