Point Lookout State Park

Historical Attractions and Programs

The ravages of time and nature have shorn Point Lookout of many vestiges of its history. There Is, nevertheless, much to see. The lighthouse, which is owned by the state, is still at the tip of the Point. The earth works of a Civil War fortification still exist on the river shore near Cornfield Harbor. The barracks and officer quarters of the fort and a portion of the prison pen have been recreated by the Friends of Point Lookout and are the focus of living history weekends each year.

Another Civil War redoubt is still represented by a large depression in the middle of the Point northeast of Fort Lincoln. A memorial to the lives lost during the Civil War is located on Maryland Route 5, north of the park. The memorial is administered by the federal government. Most of the prison pen site is under the bay waters now, but a section of the wall has been recreated by the Friends of Point Lookout as well and is interpreted during special events. The park visitor center has a museum with exhibits on the prison and offers educational programs about all aspects of Point Lookout's natural and cultural history.

Point Lookout sponsors historic programs and demonstrations throughout the year. Contact the park for a current schedule of historic programs. Popular annual festivities include:

  • April-- Park Days -- Join the Friends of Point Lookout as they work to maintain one of the only remaining earthen-walled Civil War fortifications remaining in Maryland.
  • June-- Blue and Gray Days -- Featuring artillery and infantry demonstrations, dress parade and evening programs in Civil War Fort #3.
  • September-- Artillery Weekend -- Living history volunteers show the different styles of artillery that were used during the Civil War.
  • October-- Invasion of Point Lookout -- Living history volunteers will shed light on Point Lookout’s importance during the War of 1812. Artillery and infantry demonstrations will take place throughout the event.

The Friends of Point Lookout

Those interested in joining the Friends of Point Lookout State Park or the "20th Maine Company E" volunteer infantry living history group may contact:

Bob Crickenberger
E-mail: crickenberger@comcast.net