Maryland Park Service

Project Review

Projects proposed on state-owned lands are required to be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources to ensure their consistency with the Department’s land management and conservation goals.

Project proponents can include lease holders, private companies, utilities, non-profits, colleges and universities, local governments and other State or Federal agencies. The Project Review process is required by DNR Policy 94:06 and it establishes a legal record of activities proposed on State lands.

Generally, any change of use or physical disturbance to the condition or function of State land is subject to Project Review. In addition, project review is required for permanent or temporary access to State lands for non-disturbing activities such as research, an entertainment event, or commercial photography or film. This list provides a guide to various activities that may be proposed on State lands, indicating whether project review is required or not.

Maryland Park Service Project Review Process:

An applicant or project proponent submits a Project Information Form with the required supporting documentation to Provided that the submitted information is complete, MPS Project Review staff will log the project into our tracking database and distribute it to other units within the Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Historical Trust for review and comments. If the submission is incomplete, the applicant will be contacted for the missing information, and the review initiated once it is received. After a review period of 30 to 45 days, comments are compiled, and a response will be provided by Project Review staff. Complex projects, or those that require other permits such as Wetlands and Waterways, Critical Area, Stormwater Management or Environmental Health, may take longer to review or require a secondary review as part of the process.

Please note that the MPS Project Review process does not exempt any project or proposal from any applicable local, State or Federal Laws and regulations. In addition, many projects require a legal agreement between the applicant and the Department of Natural Resources to permit access to or use of State land. The Project Review response will advise of this requirement, where applicable.