Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area

Hunting on the Wye Island NRMAHunting

Hunting is available at Wye Island NRMA for both Canada Goose and White Tailed Deer through managed hunts and lotteries. The white tailed deer population is specially managed through a hunting program that includes limited hunting days for Shotgun and Muzzleloader through a lottery program.

Archery hunting is permitted on a posted schedule with a limited number of hunters each day. These hunts help to maintain the ecological balance between the whitetail deer herd and their habitat.

Goose hunting is also limited and controlled through a lottery drawing process. Individuals who are mobility impaired are encouraged to apply for the lottery as there are blinds available that accommodate wheel chairs.

Raccoon hunting and Fox chasing are also available on a limited basis by permit. Trapping is not permitted for any species on Wye Island. For more information regarding hunting opportunities/lotteries contact the facility office at 410-827-7577.

Hunting Dog Field Trials

Each November Wye Island is the site of several field trial championships. Past field trial championships include the National German Shorthaired Pheasant Association Championship, the American Pointing Dog Championship and the Maryland Amateur Pointing Dog Championship. The general public is encouraged to watch or participate in these events. For more information on specific dates, contact Wye Island NRMA office at nrma.wyeisland@maryland.gov.​