Tuckahoe State Park

A park ranger standing outside in the summer holding a large bald eagle on her arm.Scales & Tales Programs

Scales & Tales is an environmental education program that affords people the opportunity to see wildlife up close. The program uses non-releasable birds of prey and reptiles to encourage people to enjoy and appreciate Maryland State Parks, and the wildlife living in them.

Wings and Things (All Ages)

$100 in-park, $150 off-site, 45-60 minutes. Reptiles and birds illustrate how we often judge an animal’s value by the way it looks. Learn that all wildlife serve a purpose in nature. A good general program for all types of groups.

Raptor Wrap-Up (Ages 8+)

$100 in-park, $150 off-site, 45 minutes. Prepare for an in-depth look at raptors as we explore their natural history, conservation topics, and tell the ‘tales’ of how each was brought into our care.

Reptile Wrap-Up (Ages 8+)

$75 in-park, $125 off-site, 30-45 minutes. Scaly creatures will captivate you as we share myths, histories and benefits of these often misunderstood creatures. Learn about Maryland’s wonderfully diverse reptile population.

A park ranger standing outside in the winter holding a large bird on her arm.The Secret Lives Of Owls (Ages 8+)

$100 in-park, $150 off site, 45-60 minutes. Learn about the interesting feeding habits of these night-time hunters by dissecting owl pellets and meeting owls up close.

G’Nite Owl /Terrific Turtles/ Scaly Storytime (Ages 2-6)

$100 in-park, $150-off site, 30-45 minutes. Young audiences will enjoy meeting critters up close, hearing a story, learning animal sounds and making a craft. All craft materials provided. Designed for groups of 25 children or less.

Aviary Tour (All Ages)

$75, 45-60 minutes. Join park staff at Tuckahoe’s Aviary for a behind-the-scenes tour and feeding demonstration while learning about Maryland’s native wildlife.

Wildlife on Display (All Ages)

$100/hour, 3-Hour minimum. Popular at fairs and festivals, these displays feature several birds and reptiles exhibited in an informative and interactive manner with staff available to discuss the animals and answer questions.

Tuckahoe also has a Bald Eagle presentation ($250) with limited availability; email the park office for details: tuckahoe.statepark@maryland.gov.