Tuckahoe's Scales & Tales Aviary


Tuckahoe State Park’s Aviary is home to non-releasable birds of prey. Each of these birds were injured, rehabilitated and deemed non-releasable before becoming an ambassador for the Scales & Tales program, which serves to educate people of all ages on native raptors throughout Maryland. By visiting the Aviary, visitors can view birds up close, learn about each species, and learn how we can help wild birds. The outdoor turtle enclosure is in front of the Aviary where you can see turtles foraging for food and swimming in their pond in the warm months. After you visit the Aviary be sure to climb inside the life-size Bald Eagle nest behind the Aviary for a picture! When the Park Office is open, come inside to meet other reptile ambassadors.

Location & Hours - ​For the birds safety and health from December 26th to April 1st donated Christmas trees are attached to the black outer fence to provide protection from the wind. These trees may obstruct the view.

Aviary Tours

Visit the Aviary for a self-guided U-turn tour. Select your audio choice, turn the handle, and listen! Learn about the raptors in captivity and hear the call of each species. Be sure to visit again as the audio selections will change to highlight seasonal and behavioral changes.

Feeding tours are open to the public on Saturdays, Memorial Day through Labor Day at 3pm. Join park staff for a behind-the-scenes tour and feeding demonstration while learning about Maryland’s native wildlife.

Private behind-the-scenes tours and feeding demonstrations are available upon request for $75 per group. Give the gift of experiences, gift certificates are available. For more information or to schedule a tour please email erin.gale@maryland.gov.

Location & Hours

The Aviary is located behind Tuckahoe State Park’s office at 12282 Eveland Road, Ridgely. Visiting hours are everyday 8AM- Sunset. Visitors may view the birds from outside the black fenced area, dogs are not permitted close to the Aviary as it disrupts the birds.

Special Yearly Events

Thanksgiving is a great time for giving! The Friday after Thanksgiving we hold an aviary “Meat & Greet”. Donate the turkey necks and giblets as a treat for the raptors and in return, get a free behind the scenes aviary feeding tour. Call/email or keep an eye out for the event flyer each year for times.

“Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree!” When you take down your Christmas tree, consider donating it to the aviary. We line the fence surrounding the aviary with Christmas trees to act as a windbreak for the raptors against the chilly winter winds. Then in the spring the trees will be mulched for trails or used in the lake for fish habitat. Trees can be dropped off next to the aviary at your convenience.


Would you like to make a donation to the Tuckahoe Aviary to help support the care and feeding of our ambassadors? Check out our Amazon Wish List: https://a.co/hFfnIBa or monetary donations can be made at donation boxes at the Aviary or park office.