Sassafras Natural Resources Management Area

Knock's Folly Visitors Center

Interior of the Knocks Folly Visitor CenterHenry Knock operated a granary and farm in the Turner's Creek Community. He began construction of the dwelling with the log cabin section in 1759. Donald Yeates purchased the property in 1770 and began planning construction of the larger Federal style portion. He passed away prior to completion of the house and his family completed the brick portion in 1796. The main portion of the house is a three story dwelling with one main room on each floor. Each main room has a fire place for warmth. The central staircase is open from the first floor to the attic. A large front porch provides a resting place and shade from the summer sun.

Knock's Folly Visitor Center Exhibits highlight the history of the farming community, the local Native American Tockwogh tribe and the visit of Captain John Smith to the Turner's Creek area. To schedule a tour of the Center please call 410-820-1668 or email​.