Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park


There are picnic tables available for your use, we ask that you “leave no trace,” and place any trash into the provided trash cans.

The Talbot side of the pier has some free-standing rectangular grills in the grassy area for visitor use. If you bring your own grill, please stay in the grass - grilling is not permitted on either side of the pier itself. Please dispose of all coals responsibly, by depositing any coals (and only coals, no trash) in the unit pictured, which is located in the field near the picnic tables.

Both tables and grills are “first come first serve” - there is no charge to use them, but you cannot reserve them in advance.

Picnic tables at the park surrounded by trees
Picnic tables on the Talbot County side of the park. Photo credit: Angela Crenshaw, DNR
Picnic tables at the park surrounded by trees
The coal disposal unit, located in the field on the Talbot County side. Photo credit: Laurel Pogue, DNR