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What is Letterboxing?Park Quest participant at Soldiers Delight.

Letterboxing is a fun activity for individuals and families alike. In short, letterboxing is a lot like a scavenger or treasure hunt. It combines elements of map reading, hiking, creative expression, and puzzle solving.

A letterbox is a small weatherproof box in a publicly-accessible place (like a park). Each letterbox contains a log book and a rubber stamp (often this stamp is hand carved). These boxes are hidden throughout the world. The clues to help find these boxes can be found on the internet.

A letterboxer carries with them their own “signature” stamp (can be anything from a name to animal foot prints), a travel Journal, and a stamp pad.

After the letterboxer finds a letterbox they “stamp-in” to the letterbox’s logbook with their signature stamp and write something unique in the logbook along with the day’s date. Then they take the stamp found in the letterbox and stamp their own travel journal and can write something down that helps them remember their adventure. The letterboxer’s travel journal becomes a running history of all the letterboxes and places they have visited.

Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area offers one indoor and multiple outdoor letterboxing adventures. If you wish to complete all of the outside Soldiers Delight letterboxing adventures, you should keep all the stamps together in your travel journal *hint*. If you do not have a Travel Journal, you may download one here.

Soldiers Delight’s Letterboxes require a “key” (a lock combination) entered in the correct box to un-lock it. Inside you will find a letterboxing logbook, a letterboxing stamp, and a stamp pad (not always available).

Letterboxing Instructions

Follow the step by step instructions for letterboxing at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area. Call Soldiers Delight at 410-461-5005 before your visit to confirm the hours of operation.

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A Brief History of Letterboxing

Letterboxing is a tradition that started in England back in 1854. The first letterboxer, a Dartmoor National Park guide named James Perrott, left a bottle by Cranmere Pool with his calling card in it and invited others to leave their own calling cards in the bottle. Visitors eventually began leaving self-addressed post cards and notes hoping that the next person would return them by mail. Over time this evolved into the stamping system of today. Although the tradition of letterboxing didn’t get to the U.S until 1998, it is now popular all across the country and in many other places around the world.