Rocks State Park

King and Queen Seat

King and Queen Seat at Rocks State Park photo by Nathan Simms 

The King and Queen Seat rises 190 feet above Deer Creek. The soaring natural rock outcrop provides a breathtaking view, as well as a challenge to the skilled climber. There are many vertical rock faces on the outcrop, some of which are as high as 94 feet. Please use caution in this area.

The King and Queen Seat can be reached from the Rock Ridge Picnic Area via the Red Trail, or from the park’s main office via the White Trail, or from the Rapids parking lot via the Purple Trail.

Novice climbers are encouraged to seek professional training before attempting to climb the King and Queen Seat. Climbs range from 8 to 115 feet, and are suitable for skill levels 4 to 5.12.

According to legend, the King and Queen Seat was a ceremonial gathering place for Susquehannock Indians. While no evidence supporting the legend has ever been found, the “Rocks of Deer Creek” nevertheless attracted trainloads of tourists in the late 1800s.​