Rocks State Park

Falling Branch/Kilgore Falls

Rocks State Park Falling BranchThe Falling Branch area of Rocks State Park is located about five miles north of the main park on a separate 67-acre parcel of land. It is home to the 17-foot high Kilgore Falls, which is Maryland's second highest vertical drop waterfall. This non-developed, environmentally sensitive area has a serene hiking trail leading back to the waterfall.

Reservations will be required on weekends and holidays beginning Saturday, May 25th 2024 through Labor Day. Reservations can be made beginning on the Monday prior to the desired visit, starting on Monday, May 20th for the weekend of May 25th​. 

To make a reservation, please visit the YourPassNow website at​ . Passes become available on the Monday prior to the desired visit.

For general questions or more information, please call the Rocks State Park Office: 410-557-7994

So, what perks come with this new reservation system?

  • A guaranteed parking more driving in circles for hours.
  • A less-crowded, more enjoyable experience for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Parking Reservation System

In order to protect the area's sensitive habitat, parking is very limited. The park maintains a 28-car parking lot at 1026 Falling Branch Road, Pylesville, MD 21132.

This area is very popular in late spring, summer and early fall - even on weekdays. Patrons are encouraged to carpool and arrive early. If the lot is full, patrons are encouraged to visit the main portion of Rocks State Park.

PlanAhead_Red.jpgParking is extremely limited at the Falling Branch area of Rocks State Park (Kilgore Falls). Please remember to plan ahead with alternatives and avoid peak times, such as weekends and holidays. There is no longer off-site parking available in the nearby area. When the designated parking lot is full, the area is at capacity. Do not park at the church or on other neighboring properties.

Why not expand parking in the area?​

  • The existing lot can accommodate 28 vehicles, or approximately 75 people.
  • The lot was designed to accommodate a maximum number of people that would minimize environmental impacts and prevent unsafe crowding conditions.
  • Large numbers of people near the falls can trample vegetation and cause soil erosion.
  • The park provides alternatives for stream access or picnicking, in areas designed to provide for a positive visitor experience while protecting the natural resources. Please consider the main portion of Rocks State Park, along Route 24 and St. Clair Bridge Road, for these activities.


The parking lot opens daily at 8 a.m. from March to October, and at 10 a.m. from November to February.


There are no service charges to enter this area of the park.


A single-track 1/2-mile trail leads from the parking lot to the falls. The trail is not handicapped accessible, and it is not appropriate for wheelchairs, baby strollers or large coolers.


Please be aware that in if you wish to get to the base of Kilgore Falls, you will have to cross the Falling Branch stream so plan ahead to get your feet wet or wear waterproof shoes.


Falling BranchThere are no picnic tables, grills or restrooms in this area. This area is not suitable for large-scale picnics. Portable grills and fires are not permitted. Patrons looking to picnic are encouraged to visit the main part of Rocks State Park, or visit Eden Mill Nature Center & Park.


Patrons are permitted to wade and swim at their own risk. There are no lifeguards. The park discourages leaping from the falls into the creek, as serious injuries have occurred.


Pets are allowed at Falling Branch, but must be leashed at all times.