Patapsco Valley State Park

Patapsco Valley State Park Alerts

Forest Glen

The Forest Glen Trail repairs are almost complete. As part of FEMA funding attributed to the 2018 floods in the Patapsco Valley, the Forest Glen Trail reroute (hiking only) is slated to be done soon the previous trail alignment will be closed. Please respect these trail closures on this hiking-only trail. Thank you Greenstone Trailcraft!

Hilltop Road

The new parking lot on Hilltop Road is officially open. This parking area increases capacity and features one of the new FPVSP funded trailhead kiosks. The old parking area is now closed.

Hilltop Road lot

Special Event North West of Marriottsville Road and East of Henryton Road

Iron Bridge Hounds will conduct a Fox Chase event in the area south of the Patapsco river, between Marriottsville Rd and Henryton road on the dates of;

  • November 17 and 26, 2021
  • December 1, 10, 15 and 29, 2021
  • January 7, 12, 21 and 26, 2022
  • February 2, 11, 16, and 25 2022
  • March 2, 11, 16, and 25 2022.

The event will be focused in the southern end of the property away from the Patapsco River. Signs will be posted on trails heading into the area to notify the public of the event, all areas will remain open. Hounds will be off leash under the control of the hunt staff for these approved events. Events may be canceled in the event of rain and/or wet conditions. As part of the event, Iron Bridge Hounds will perform required trail work within the park, mostly in this area. If you are interested in giving back to the Park, please consider joining us on trail work. For more information please email

ALERT - Posted 6/3/2021 - The water quality of the Patapsco River can fluctuate frequently due to a variety of environmental factors. It is recommended that visitors check on the water quality prior to recreating in the river.

To check the water quality of the Patapsco River, please go to