Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area

Special Event Zone Improvements Project

Fair Hill NRMA looking to host a CCI5* Three-Day Event in October 2020

In collaboration with DNR, Fair Hill International (FHI) submitted an application to the Federation Equestre Internationale through the United States Equestrian Federation proposing that Fair Hill NRMA be designated as the next site to host a CCI5* Three-Day Event – the highest level of competition within this discipline of equestrian sport.

Fair Hill NRMA will be only the seventh site world-wide, and the second in the nation, to host a three-day event at this level. The first 5* event is scheduled for October 2020 if Fair Hill meets the designation requirements. Capital improvements must be made to meet the designation requirements. Please see detail here in the DNR Fair Hill Special Event Zone Concept Master Plan.

DNR is working with the Maryland Stadium Authority and their consultants on design and construction elements on much of the needed capital improvements. Construction began in early June – shortly after the Fair Hill Races this year. Construction of capital improvements will be confined to the Special Event Zone where improvements currently exist, which is bordered by Telegraph Road (State Route 273) to the north, Singerly Road (State Route 213) to the west, Big Elk Chapel Road to the south, and Gallaher Road to the east. The proposed improvements include an upgraded turf track and timber course with increased safety measures, additional competition arenas, and a new cross country course. Please see DNR Fair Hill Special Event Zone Improvements (Public Information Meeting - May 15, 2019) for further details.

Cross-Country, Photo by Jean van der Muelen for www.pexels.comA cross country course designer has been selected to design the new 5* course in anticipation of the October 2020 inaugural CCI5* at Fair Hill. Fair Hill International, in partnership with the Fair Hill Foundation, has hired Ian Stark to design the new course.

Jeff Newman has recently been named President/CEO of the 5* as part of the Sport and Entertainment Corporation of Maryland.

Click here for Jeff Newman's biography.

Click here for the Sport and Entertainment Corporation press release.

This project is a partnership among multiple organizations including Fair Hill Foundation (a Maryland Park Service affiliated foundation), Fair Hill International (working under a Use Agreement with the Maryland Park Service), the Maryland Stadium Authority, the Maryland Sports Commission, and the Maryland Horse Industry Board.

Maryland Department of the Environment held a Public Informational Hearing on November 12th regarding DNR's application for a modified water appropriation permit.Click here for more information​.

This partnership is designed for private investment to complement public investment in the project. As additional information becomes available and updated, we will continue to post to this site. Here is a link to the latest newsletter of the Fair Hill Foundation, Inc., an Affiliated Foundation of the Maryland Park Service.

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