Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area

Special Events

Greetings Special Event Coordinators!

Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area schedules and hosts a wide variety of special events each year, ranging from Equestrian Shows and Competitions based out of the Fair Hill Fairgrounds and Foxcatcher Arena, to community and agricultural fundraisers, workshops, and festivals centered around the Walls Activity Hall and surrounding fairgrounds facilities. Field and trail based events such as Mountain Bike Races, Trail Running Races and Fundraisers, Equestrian Endurance Rides, Paperchases, and Carriage Driving Clinics and Competitions in addition to Dog Tracking Competitions and SAR Trainings, Land Navigation Drills and Orienteering Competitions have all been able to find a place within Fair Hill NRMA's 5,600-acre landscape of rolling hills and woodlands. We invite you to explore Fair Hill NRMA as a potential venue to host your special event.

Please complete the questionnaire on the Fair Hill NRMA website home page titled: "Click here to put in a Special Event request". Please note that submitting this form constitutes a request ONLY, and does NOT guarantee the dates for your reservation. Upon receipt, we will review and process the request, generate a reservation form, and send you an email confirming your reservation. We will then contact you by phone to process your non-refundable $10 reservation service charge, a​nd any other applic​able facility charges, payable by Visa and Masterc​ard​​.

Individual event requests will only be considered and processed up to one-year in advance of the requested date(s). Tentative reservation dates will not be held.

Fair Hill NRMA Reservation Packet

** ATTENTION ** If you are a "New-to-Fair Hill" Event Coordinator, you must conduct an initial meeting with Fair Hill NRMA's Assistant Park Manager, Eric Waciega, to review your individual event request. This step MUST take place before you are authorized to officially process a special event reservation re​quest. Please complete the following questionnaire and send a follow-up email to Eric.Waciega@maryland.gov.