Elk Neck State Park


Elk Neck offers white-tailed deer hunting in bow, shotgun firearm and muzzleloader seasons. During firearm season, hunters may use Straight-Walled Cartridge (SWC) Rifles and Shotguns ONLY; Bottlenecked Rifles are prohibited in Elk Neck State Park.

The park features four hunting areas:

  1. Carter Property (bow, firearm and muzzleloader seasons)
  2. North East Beach Area (disabled hunting only using muzzleloader and firearm)
  3. Rogues Harbor (bow only)
  4. Turkey Point (bow only)

All hunters that plan to hunt at Elk Neck State Park will need to get their Free Public Hunting Permit through the Gwynnbrook Wildlife Office (410-356-9272) or online at https://compass.dnr.maryland.gov/​​​ instead of registering at the Elk Neck State Park office.

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