A few applications for MERLIN Online

  • I'm an environmental consultant. My client wants advice on the permits required for a particular site. I can use MERLIN Online and give the client a quick review in less than an hour.
  • I want to relocated my business to a mid-Atlantic state. My real estate division needs to quickly screen areas to see if there are any "red flags." They can use MERLIN Online.
  • I'm a project engineer at the Maryland Environmental Service. I need to do a quick reconnaissance of a DNR park for an upcoming wastewater treatment plant project. I can use MERLIN Online.
  • I go to Holy Trinity middle school. I have to find the length of the Baltimore Beltway for a class project. I can use MERLIN Online to measure it.
  • I'm a member of the Severn River Association. We review proposed construction projects to evaluate their impacts on the watershed. We can use MERLIN Online.
  • I'm a commercial forester. I write forest management plans and I need to measure the customer's forest stand and include a photograph of the site in the plan. I can use MERLIN Online.
  • I'm a computer geek that likes to stay up all night looking at maps on the Internet. I can use MERLIN Online.
  • We are trying to match the locations of various nurseries in the State and identify which MD tributary they fall within. We really need to find small scale maps (1:24000 if possible) that not only give the topographical information but also overlays the tributaries.
  • I volunteer with my daughters high school marching band. I use MERLIN Online to display & print the aerial photographic maps of each facility where the band competitions will be held. This helps by providing advance knowledge of the layout of the facility and the local topography, and providing the ability to measure distances. Then, I can calculate the amount of time needed to choreograph the movements of the band prior to the performance.