Homeland Security

NRP Officer on patrol vesselNRP is the lead law enforcement agency for maritime incidents on Maryland waterways that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the United States Coast Guard. 

Be on the lookout and report:
  1. Suspicious attempts to buy or charter vessels using large cash payments.
  2. Vessels operating at night without running lights.
  3. Loading or unloading activity dockside at unusual hours.
  4. Immediate modifications or repairs to vessels demanded without regard to cost.
  5. Communications between a boat and shore by unusual means (lights, flags, etc.).
  6. Vessels riding excessively low in the water.
  7. Improper of false registration numbers.
  8. Suspicious activity around large commercial vessels (freighters, tankers, etc.) including off-loading of persons and packages on to small boats.
  9. Unusual diving activity around vessels, wharfs, bridges, dams, etc.
  10. Abandoned or unattended vessels or vehicles in or near unusual locations or near key facilities or public areas.
  11. Suspicious filming activity near public or key facilities.
  12. The throwing or recovering of items into/onto the waterways or shoreline.

Report Suspicious Activity
Contact Maryland Natural Resources Police
at 800-628-9944
VHF Channel 16
Hail Maryland Natural Resources Police