Maryland State Forest Horseback Riding

​​Maryland State Forests offer a variety of horseback riding opportunities. Details are available for each of the units by clicking the links below.

Rider in Cedarville State Forest - Photo by Stephen Badger

Eastern Shore

  • Chesapeake Forest Lands
    • Algonquin Cross County Trail
    • Wells Equestrian Trail
    • Wicomico Demonstration Forest Trails

  • Pocomoke State Forest
    • Algonquin Cross County Trail
    • Chandler-Colburne Trail
    • Hudson-Tarr Bike Trail
    • Old Furnace Loop Trails

Central Maryland

  • Elk Neck State Forest
    Elk Neck State Forest has 11 miles of gravel roads that offer horseback riding. Trails 1, 2 & 3 are located on the main tract of the forest off Irishtown Road. Due to the sensitive nature of the Plum Creek Natural Area, horseback riding is not allowed on the Mason Dixon Trail and Lighthouse Trail within the delineated area. (Plum Creek Natural Area​ brochure)

Southern Maryland

Western Maryland

Horseback riding is allowed on designated and maintained primitive roads designed to accommodate recreational use. Horses are not allowed on designated hiking or mountain bike trails.
  • Potomac Garrett State Forest
    • Piney Mountain Trail System
    • Snaggy Mountain Trail System
    • South Snaggy Trail System
    • 5.5 Mile Trail
    • Hutton Demonstration Forest Trail
    • Backbone Mountain Trail System
    • North Hill
    • Laurel Run/Wallman Trail System

  • Savage River State Forest (Map)
    • Margraff Plantation Trail System
    • Negro Mountain Trail
    • Asa Durst Trails
    • Meadow Mountain Trail
    • Keyser's Ridge Trails

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