Chesapeake Forest Lands

​Recreation - ​Trails

Chesapeake Forest has over 36 miles of hiking trails available for day hikes or multi-day experiences. Camping is not allowed on Chesapeake Forest or Pocomoke State Forest Lands. Camping is allowed by reservation on Pocomoke River State Park in the Milburn Landing or Shad Landing areas. Click here to visit the Pocomoke River State Park website or contact their office at 410-632-2566 for more information.

There is no motorized or off-road vehicle recreation use allowed on Chesapeake Forest or Pocomoke State Forest trails. Trail guides including maps are available for purchase at the Chesapeake Forest/Pocomoke State Forest office. This trail system varies in terrain, but is generally flat. There may be stream or road crossings or standing water on these trails. Visitors are encouraged to wear blaze orange during the hunting seasons. Remember, you are responsible for having the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment for a safe and environmentally friendly visit.

The trails on Chesapeake Forest are as follows:

Algonquin Cross County Trail

The Algonquin Cross County trail is 12.5-miles winding through the Chesapeake Forest and Pocomoke State Forest from Snow Hill Road (MD Route 12) south of Salisbury to Milburn Landing State Park. Parking areas are available at both trailheads, as well as at many points along the trail. This trail is ideal for those looking for a full day hike or a hike with an overnight stay at Milburn Landing. Parking at the Foster trailhead can accommodate large vehicles, such as trucks with horse trailers.

Lewis Soft Launch

This soft launch is located 0.6 miles from the parking area on Griffith Neck Road. The soft launch provides access for kayaks, canoes, and jon boats to Island Pond and the shoreline waterfowl hunting areas located on the D26 – Lewis Complex (see map located here). Water access may be limited due to shallow water during low tide.

Little Blackwater River Soft Launch & Water Trail

Located southwest of Cambridge, a soft launch off Egypt Road provides access to the Little Blackwater River Water Trail for kayaks, canoes, and jon boats. The Little Blackwater River Soft Launch and access road is closed from October 1 to March 1.

Marshy Hope Bird Trail

The east loop (green) is 1.2 miles long and features spectacular vistas of Marshyhope Creek and examples of sustainable forestry practices. The west loop (red) is 1.9 miles longs and demonstrates examples of sustainable forestry practices, including a variable retention harvest completed in 2010.

Seth Demonstration Forest Trail

1.9 miles of trails traverse through loblolly pine stands, mature upland hardwoods, vernal pools, and Delmarva (Carolina) bays. Parking is located on Dover Neck Road.

Tom Tyler Nature Trail

The Tom Tyler Nature Trail is located on Old Bradley near Vienna, MD on the east side of the Nanticoke River. The informational kiosk and picnic area is located ½ mile from the parking area on the main trail. A ¾-mile self-guided loop trail with 15 tree stops (tree species and geographic locations are listed below) connects to the main trail. Over 1 mile of side and spur trails lead to various cultural, historical, and ecological sites.

Tree # Tree Species Latitude Longitude
1 Loblolly Pine 38.48590°N 75.78758°W 
2 Sweet Gum 38.48593°N 75.78737°W 
3 Southern Red Oak 38.48637°N 75.78715°W
4 American Holly 38.48664°N 75.78732°W 
5 White Oak 38.48674°N 75.78728°W
6 Loblolly Pine 38.48685°N 75.78764°W
7 Virginia Pine 38.48654°N 75.78864°W
8 Sassafras 38.48594°N 75.79003°W
9 Pond Pine 38.48612°N 75.79039°W
10 Atlantic White Cedar 38.48608°N 75.79095°W
11 Atlantic White Cedar 38.48531°N 75.79162°W
12 Red Maple 38.48521°N 75.79150°W
13 Loblolly Pine 38.48508°N 75.79133°W
14 Yellow Poplar 38.48456°N 75.78907°W
15 Sweet Gum 38.48446°N 75.78907°W

Wells Equestrian Trail

The main loop trail is 5.8 miles through a growing loblolly pine forest. Parking is located on Mitchell Road. This trail is designed for horseback riding, but all compatible uses are supported.

Wicomico Demonstration Forest Trails

Six marked trails (4 loops, 2 connecting) are offered, ranging from short hikes to longer day trips.

  • Dark Blue Trail: 2.6-mile loop trail. A parking area for large vehicles is located at the head of the trial on Morris Road. A picnic area is located at the convergence of the loop trail approximately 0.6 miles from the parking area.
  • Green Trail: 1.0-mile loop trail around the arboretum. This trail shares a section with the White Trail.
  • Red Trail: 2.2-mile loop trail. This trail shares a section with the White Trail. Growing and mature pine and hardwood forests and a habitat restoration project with an early successional forest plan are the highlights of this trail.
  • White Trail: 6.1-mile loop trail. This trail shares some sections with the Green and Red Trails. As the longest marked loop trail, this trail features numerous pine stands and management regimes indicative of the Wicomico Demonstration Forest.
  • Light Blue Trail: 0.8-mile trail that parallels the northwestern portion of the White Trail between Sixty Foot Road and Seymore Road.
  • Orange Trail: 0.7-mile trail that connects Shavox Road and the White Trail to the Light Blue Trail.

Parking for the Green, Red, and White trails is available at the Wicomico County Forestry Office on Sixty Foot Road. The parking area on Sixty Foot Road can accommodate large vehicles such as horse trailers. Additional parking for the Red, White, Light Blue, and Orange trails is available on Shavox Road, Seymore Road, and Powell Road.