FY23 Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund

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Review RankPartnerCountyProposal TitleAbstractLegislative DistrictApproved Amount
​1​Western Maryland Resource Conservation and Development
​Garrett, Allegany, Washington​
​Western Maryland Reforestation Project 2023​
​This project will re-establish native forests on 89.7 acres of private and public land in Garrett, Allegany, and Washington counties, including 24.6 acres of new riparian buffer and 19.9 acres of formerly mined lands.
​1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 4
​Maryland Forestry Foundation
​Washington, Frederick, Harford, St. Mary’s, Cecil, Anne Arundel, Talbot
​Healthy Forests -Healthy Waters T8
​Through the Healthy Forests, Healthy Waters Initiative, the Maryland Forestry Foundation in partnership with Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay will work closely with the Maryland Forest Service to implement upland tree planting and riparian forest buffer projects within DNR Trust Fund priority watersheds. In total the proposed project includes 30 sites around the state and 143.25 acres of afforestation.
​1C, 2A, 3A, 3B, 4, 29C, 33, 35A, 35B, 37B ​
​Blue Water Baltimore
Eden Korean Green Retrofit to Reduce Flooding and Pollution in Rodgers Forge Neighborhood (EK - GR)Blue Water Baltimore will install substantial bio-retention infrastructure to manage the runoff generated by the parking lot of the Eden Korean United Methodist Church. Leveraged funding will be used to implement two rain gardens, outfall protection, a tree island, and downspout cisterns. ​42A​$92,877​​
​4​The Land Preservation Trust
​Kings Eye Stream and Riparian Corridor Restoration Construction Phase IIPhase II will consist of 3,500 linear feet of stream restoration, 2.9 acres of wetland creation, and 7.5 acres of riparian buffer. The Kings Eye project presents a rare opportunity to implement a more landscape-level holistic restoration of a long reach of a highly unstable stream, and to communicate and inform the community through environmental education and research opportunities planned by the landowner.​​10$1,463,574​​
​5​Carroll County Government - Bureau of Resource Management​Carroll
Willow Pond Tree Planting​This project proposes an upland planting on approximately 3.61 acres of land owned by the City of Westminster in the Liberty Reservoir Watershed, providing for a reduction of pollutant loads, stabilization, and improved habitat.​​5$31,000​
Cecil County Government - Stormwater Management Division​​Cecil​Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) Administrative Services Center Stream Restoration & Stormwater ManagementThe Cecil County Department of Public Works will restore approximately 2,500 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to the North East Creek and construct a surface sand filter at the CCPS Administrative Services Center in North East. The proposed floodplain reconnection approach will integrate multiple stream restoration techniques that will help to create wetlands, increase groundwater recharge potential, provide flood storage reduction, enhance riparian buffers, improve wildlife habitat, and reduce sediment and nutrients that flow downstream.​35B​$2,000,000​
​7​Chesapeake Rivers Association Inc.Anne Arundel​Belvoir Farm Pond Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance​A dammed pond will be transitioned into a regenerative stream channel, which provides for greater nutrient processing as well as better connection to the floodplain and wetlands below the project site. This will reduce the current water level of the pond and transition it into a wetland complex consisting of forested wetland, emergent wetland and open water. It will create abundant integrated stream and wetland habitat to support wildlife and replace an outdated pipe with current best management practices.​33​$256,814
​8Harford Soil Conservation District​Harford​Unnamed Tributary to Little Deer Creek Ecological Restoration​Specific restoration and best management practices to be implemented include 1,922 linear feet of stage zero and low flow channel design stream restoration to reconnect the stream to its floodplain, 0.68 acres of wetland enhancement planting native trees and shrubs suited to wetland soil conditions, 5.55 acres of native tree planting in the riparian buffer, 1,034 linear feet of livestock exclusion fencing, and two cattle stream crossings​7​$670,157
​9​Wildfowl Trust of North America, Inc. (DBA Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center)​Queen Anne’sChesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC) Northern Point Marsh Resiliency Project​This specific project is one piece of the overall restoration, conservation and resiliency work that is underway to protect the CBEC property, which will continue to support a high level of aquatic and wildlife resources within the preserve. The northern tidal wetland/headland area in question is breached and if this continues the entire area will encroach on the inner tidal marsh that is mostly stable. This headland provides protection for the historical Submerged Aquatic Vegetation beds within Marshy Creek that support historical waterfowl populations. Living shorelines and thin layering marsh projects are also being designed to protect other areas of the preserve.​36​​$500,000

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.​Caroline, Charles, Somerset​Maryland Wetland Conservation Program I​​This project will restore marginally productive agricultural lands to wetlands and associated habitats at three public sites within Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Specific outcomes include 62 acres of wetland restoration, 24 acres of upland mixed forest plantings, and establishment of 24 acres of early successional grass meadows.​28, 36, 38A$620,394​
​11Washington College, Center for Environment & Society​Talbot, Caroline, Queen Anne’s, Kent​Natural Lands Project FY23​Washington College's Natural Lands Project will continue work on private lands with the goal of installing 230 acres of native grass meadows, pollinator habitat and buffers, and restoring 12 acres of wetlands in priority areas of the Upper and Mid-Shore over a 3-year period. The restoration of grasslands and wetlands will have an immediate impact on regional biodiversity and wildlife, galvanizing participating landowners with land-based benefits, while also having immediate impact on improving local water quality. ​36, 37B​$678,871​
12Harford County​​HarfordChurch Creek Elementary Water Quality Retrofits and Stream Restoration​The project involves enlarging an existing infiltration trench, converting a stormwater management detention facility into a submerged gravel wetland, and constructing a 2,170 linear foot stream restoration using natural channel design to improve the channel geometry, reduce instream channel erosion and improve habitat.​34A​$980,000​
​13Baltimore County Dept of Environmental Protection and Sustainability​Baltimore​​Baltimore County FY23 Stream Restorations (Minebank and Miller Run)Two stream restoration projects are included in this grant proposal: 1) Minebank Run Tributary at Metfield Road includes approximately 5,800 linear feet of degraded channel, which drains a medium-density residential community near Towson; and 2) Miller Run includes 1,920 linear feet of degraded stream located in an urbanized area near the U.S. Route 40 corridor in Catonsville.​​42B, 44B$2,500,000​
​14Montgomery County​Montgomery​Montgomery County Stormwater Management and Reforestation - FY23​Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection will construct five non-point source pollution reduction projects: Wheaton Branch Reforestation, Longmead Crossing Stormwater Pond Retrofit, Plumgar Stormwater Pond Retrofit, Clearspring Manor Stormwater Pond Retrofit, and Watkins Mill Stormwater Pond Retrofit project. ​14, 18, 19, 39​$555,000​

Baltimore County Soil Conservation District​​HarfordNature-based water quality solutions for Little Gunpowder Falls Watersheds - Phase 1 Little Gunpowder Falls Beaver Dam Analog Restoration ProjectImplementation of Phase 1 will result in 4,094 linear feet of stream restoration, 7.3 acres of riparian buffer planting and development of a robust wetland throughout the floodplain.​7​$601,000​
​16ShoreRivers​Kent​Eastern Shore High Priority Area Restoration Projects​Turners Creek Headwaters Stream Valley Restoration will restore approximately 2,200 linear feet of perennial headwater stream and associated floodplain wetlands, and will utilize stage zero restoration techniques and beaver dam analogs to build a resilient, cost-effective project that will promote a dramatic upswing in ecological value, habitat, nutrient processing, and stormwater storage. Stormwater Solutions for the Town of Galena Community Park will construct 5 bioswale facilities to capture and treat stormwater runoff, and reduce nuisance flooding issues, and install 3 native plant islands to further reduce runoff volume and impervious surface.​36​$969,000​
17Harford Land TrustHarford​Mulligan Property Wetland and Riparian Forest Buffer Restoration Project​The project consists of 1.75 acres of wetland restoration, 1.35 acres of riparian forest buffer planting, and the removal of approximately 0.5 acres of Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima).​​35B​$119,277
​18​Cecil Land TrustCecil​Northeast Creek Watershed - Bare Property Stream and Wetland Restoration Project​The Cecil Land Trust (CLT) and Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) propose to expand upon their work to restore the degraded stream channels and riparian buffers through a performance-based payment structure project. CLT and EIP will restore 4,743 linear feet of degraded streams, enhance 1.3 acres of palustrine emergent fringe wetland, and place 27.5 acres of riparian buffer in a long-term lease, which includes over 15 acres of reforestation to deliver large scale nutrient and sediment pollution reductions.​35B​$2,375,000​
​19City of Rockville​Montgomery​City of Rockville FY23 Croydon Creek Stream Restoration​​The Croydon Creek Stream Restoration will restore approximately 3,800 linear feet of a heavily impacted urban stream. Croydon Creek is located in an area with a high rating on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Social Vulnerability Index.17​$2,000,000​
​20Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District (AASCD)​Anne Arundel​​Restoring Beaver Habitat to the Little Patuxent Oxbow Using Beaver Dam Analogs​The Oxbow Lake Nature Preserve has suffered from urban development in the watershed leading to increased stormwater flows causing stream bank erosion, loss of functional wetland hydrology, and inadequate habitat for known beaver populations. AASCD is proposing an innovative, low-tech and process-based restoration approach by hand-building beaver dam analog structures that will raise the stream channel invert, promote floodplain attenuation and groundwater recharge, and provide source material for beaver populations to maintain restoration work long after restoration.​32$73,830
​21Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection & Restoration Program​​Anne ArundelGreen Branch (Marley Creek) Stream RestorationThe Anne Arundel County Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration will retrofit five stormwater outfalls and restore approximately 1,400 linear feet of the Green Branch stream corridor, a tributary to Marley Creek (Patapsco River watershed) in Glen Burnie.​​32$474,000​
​22Center for Watershed Protection, Inc.​Baltimore​Maryland State Fairgrounds Green Infrastructure Project​The Center for Watershed Protection proposes to install a submerged gravel wetland adjacent to the Light Rail station at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. The submerged gravel wetland will include a planted surface of native species and educational signage about stormwater. The location of the proposed wetlands drains over 25 acres. The Fairgrounds hosts over 2 million visitors annually from all over the State of Maryland, providing a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate innovative stormwater practices. ​42B​$556,045​