Contact Information

Lisa Gutierrez
Chesapeake & Coastal Service
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tawes State Office Building E-2
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Phone 410-260-8778
Fax 410-260-8739

Public Access, Water Trails, and Recreation Planning Program

​​The Public Access, Water Trails, and Recreation Planning Program works with project partners (including state, local and federal governments, as well as boating and marine related interests) to plan, develop and promote public water access sites and water trails that provide water-based recreation opportunities for people to enjoy.

The Public Access, Water Trails, and Recreation Planning Program:

  • Coordinates statewide planning and development of public water access and water trails, and promotes coastal stewardship, place-based access, and sustainable industry opportunities along Maryland’s coast and inland waterways.
  • Establishes and identifies Maryland’s public waterway access infrastructure, tracks progress on goals and objectives related to public access, and implements projects that result in improved access to waterways.
  • Provides technical and design assistance for the development of maps, guides, and other information that highlights and interprets water-based recreation areas.
  • Informs access planning, economic development initiatives; and shoreline improvement for recreational and/or commercial uses through stakeholder engagement and by incorporating coastal hazard considerations into recreational and water access projects.

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