Shoreline Erosion Loan Program

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  1. Who is eligible for a 0% interest living shoreline loan?
    Individuals and or groups of homeowners, non- profit organizations, community organizations, counties.

  2. Is there a cash contribution required?
    Cash contribution is only required for individuals and groups of homeowners for loans greater than 60k.

  3. What is the loan term?
    Loans can be from 5-20 years depending on techniques implemented and their associated costs.

  4. Is there an admin fee?
    Each loan includes an admin fee that ranges from 10-3% based on project construction cost.
    See simplified graph below.

  5. How are the funds dispersed?
    Loans are dispersed for portions of completed work. Funds are distributed to the loan applicant. Loan applicant must provide proof of payment to the department.

  6. Are there additional requirements for loan dispersement?
    A county sponsored shore erosion control tax district or a shore erosion control lien will need to be established. The department will assist with this process.

  7. How do you apply for the loan?
    Through MD DNR Grants Gateway: