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Chesapeake Bay Hotline

Call 1-877-224-7229
to report any of the following

  • Boating accident or reckless activity
  • Fish kill or algal bloom
  • Floating debris that poses a hazard
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Public sewer leak or overflow
  • Oil or hazardous material spill
  • Critical area or wetlands violation
  • Suspicious or unusual activity

Boat Sewage Pumpout Program in Maryland

The State of Maryland holds many opportunities for boaters. With more than 17,000 miles of streams and rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Bay and 33 lakes with boating access, you can enjoy fresh or salt water recreation and see hundreds of different plants and animals. There's a lot to enjoy!

Unfortunately, these waterways are not entirely healthy. One of the biggest problems is that too many nutrients are going into the Chesapeake Bay's waters. These nutrients come from a wide variety of sources, ranging from manure from farms, to failing sewage treatment plants, and acid rain. Boats pumping human sewage directly overboard also contribute to the nutrient problem and can be a significant source of bacteria in areas where they gather and where there is little flushing of the waters. But, boaters can do something about this problem by properly disposing of their waste. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed a sewage disposal program through which sewage disposal stations for boats are installed at marinas. This program also provides information that boaters need in order to help, regardless of the size of their boat.

We hope the program and the following information is helpful to you.

The list of pumpout stations is designed to help you find a place to empty a boat's holding tank or a portable toilet.
We strongly suggest that you call ahead to verify the availability of services.