Steps to Being a Maryland Clean Marina

  1. Learn about the Clean Marina Initiative

    To obtain program information including the Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook, the Pledge form, and the Award Checklist, marina operators can: attend an introductory workshop, download the documents from this web page, or contact the Clean Marina office by e-mail or phone 410-260-8773.

    Introductory workshops are held each winter, but it is not necessary to attend one to participate in the Clean Marina Program. Workshops are announced via direct mailings to marinas in our database, statewide press releases, and on the Clean Marina web page.

  2. Take the Clean Marina Pledge

    By signing the Pledge, you commit to “do your part to keep Maryland’s waterways free of harmful chemicals, excess nutrients, and debris.” Send us a photocopy of the signed Pledge and then display the original in a public area so that your customers will be aware of your commitment to clean water.

    The Department of Natural Resources will prepare a news release acknowledging your participation in the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative and will include your facility’s name on our web page. The Pledge expires one year from the date you sign it. If you are unable to achieve the goal in one year, you may renew the Pledge by contacting the Clean Marina office or sending in a signed, current Pledge (contact information below).

  3. Assess Your Facility with the Award Checklist

    Marinas and boatyards can assess their facilities using the Clean Marina Award Checklist and the Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook. Many facilities prefer to have Clean Marina staff conduct an informal site visit. Following an informal visit, Clean Marina staff provide site-specific recommendations for meeting the Award criteria.

  4. Call upon a mentor or Clean Marina staff to answer any questions

    Following a self assessment or site visit from Clean Marina staff, marina operators implement recommended changes at their own pace. Marina operators are encouraged to call upon the Clean Marina staff (410-260-8773) or other Clean Marina operators throughout the process for clarification or assistance with any aspect of the project.

  5. Schedule a Confirmation Visit

    Once you are satisfied that your facility meets the minimum passing scores described on the Award Checklist, call the Clean Marina office to schedule a confirmation visit. A Clean Marina staff member and the operator of a certified Clean Marina will visit your facility to verify the items on the Award Checklist.

    Following the certification visit, Clean Marina staff will let you know if you have met the Award criteria. If your facility meets the Award scores, the scores are shared with the Clean Marina advisory committee, which includes several marina and boatyard operators, Maryland Department of the Environment staff which confirm compliance with applicable State regulations), and representatives from the Boat U.S. Foundation and the Marine Trades Association of Maryland, who helped to develop the program. The committee is given a short comment period.

    If there are any questions, program staff will contact you for clarification. Otherwise, within a few days, staff will inform you of your status as a Maryland Clean Marina!

  6. Enjoy Your Rewards!

    As a Maryland Clean Marina, you will be authorized and encouraged to use the Clean Marina logo on your letterhead and in your advertising. You will receive an Award Certificate signed by the Governor, a burgee and a flag to fly at your facility, a large aluminum sign to denote your status, and a free online business card on the Maryland Clean Marina web site.

    Your facility will also be acknowledged in Clean Marina publications and public displays, and benefit from numerous advertisements promoting Maryland Clean Marinas that are placed in regional boating publications. Furthermore, the Department of Natural Resources will issue a news release recognizing your demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship.

  7. Maintain Your Clean Marina Status

    Annually, sign and return the "Affirmation of Good Standing" that Clean Marina staff will send to you. The "Affirmation" confirms that you continue to meet the Award standards, and provides space for you to let us know about any new practices you may have implemented.

    At least every third year, a Clean Marina representative will contact you to schedule a meeting to reaffirm Clean Marina status.

    Maryland Clean Marina Initiative
    Department of Natural Resources
    580 Taylor Avenue, E-2
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Phone: (410) 260-8773
    Fax: (410) 260-8404