The Maryland Clean Boater Program

​​What is the Maryland Clean Boater Program?

The Maryland Clean Boater Program is an outgrowth of the Maryland Clean Marina Initiative, and seeks to involve boaters in protecting Maryland’s waterways.

The Clean Marina Initiative has provided tools and assistance to Maryland marinas and boatyards since 1998 to protect the resources upon which their businesses depend: clean water and fresh air.

The Maryland Clean Boater Program was launched in 2007 to help boaters join the effort to protect our waterways. The Program provides a new Clean Boater Pledge to allow boaters to express their commitment to clean boating habits, while providing tips and materials to prevent marine pollution.

How Can You Be a Clean Boater?

Why Should You Be a Clean Boater?

  • Boating and swimming in clean water is just more fun!
  • Clean water means better fishing.
  • By adopting Clean Boating practices, you will have pride in your sport and yourself.
  • Good habits are contagious! By acting responsibly, you set a good example for friends and family.
  • While supplies last, each boater who returns a Pledge will receive a thank you gift!