State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund

In May of 2018 Governor Hogan approved $1,000,000 annually for three years for the State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund.

Public boat rental by Clopper Lake, Seneca Creek State Park © Yishen Li

These funds are intended to protect and restore State-owned lakes. The Department of Natural Resources was tasked with developing a budget for best utilizing these funds in coordination with local governments, organizations, and citizens. This fall and winter the department will be working to develop an annual work plan that prioritizes and details projects that will receive funding

The purpose of the funds are to protect state-owned or state managed lakes by: "Recreational fisherman enjoying St. Mary's Lake, St. Mary's River State Park © Yishen Li

  1. Removing sediment
  2. Treating contaminated sediment
  3. Preventing the spread of invasive species
  4. Improving ecological and recreational value
  5. Taking any other action the department deems necessary

Map of Maryland State-owned Lakes

ANNOUNCEMENT: Are you an aspiring college student or recent graduate interested in water resources protection and biological monitoring? The Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program is seeking applicants to assist our team in conducting water quality monitoring, harmful algal bloom assessments, and submerged aquatic vegetation surveys and restoration from powerboats, kayaks and on foot! Learn more and apply to the Chesapeake Bay Trust by March 12.

Public input sought

Five public open houses were held around the state in the fall of 2018 to solicit project ideas, and the department announced more than 40 projects to be funded in the first year of the fund.

For the second year of funding, the department hosted four public open house events and a webinar in October and December 2019

Questions about the State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund can be addressed to Mike Naylor at

List of Maryland State-owned Lakes

Blairs Valley Lake
WashingtonWildlife Management Area
Clopper Lake
MontgomeryState Park
Deep Creek Lake
GarrettState Park
Greenbrier Lake
WashingtonState Park
Herrington Lake
GarrettState Park
Hunting Creek Lake
FrederickState Park
Lake Habeeb
AlleganyState Park
Myrtle Grove Lake
CharlesWildlife Management Area
New Germany Lake
GarrettState Park
Savage River Reservoir
GarrettState Park
Smithville Lake
CarolineFisheries Management Area
St Mary's Lake
St. Mary'sState Park
Tuckahoe Lake
CarolineState Park
Unicorn Lake
Queen Anne'sFisheries Management Area
Urieville Lake
KentFisheries Management Area
Wye Mills Lake 
Queen Anne'sFisheries Management Area