Licensing & Registration Service Centers

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Service Centers are open by appointment only. Customers can schedule appointments online or call a local service center for assistance.

Services will continue to be available by mail, online, and via telephone at local service center offices. Licenses, permits, and stamps can be obtained by using the department’s online COMPASS portal.

Click on the service center location below to make an appointment for that location. You will receive a confirmation at the email address provided when making the appointment. This will allow you cancel or change your appointment.








The department is reminding recreational hunters and fishers that they must have a valid license and any required permits or stamps to hunt or fish in Maryland. Due to the pandemic and the temporary closure of DNR’s licensing centers, a grace period was in place for existing license holders whose recreational hunting and fishing licenses expired during the state of emergency. That grace period will end on January 1, 2021. Licenses, permits, and stamps can be obtained at Maryland Department of Natural Resources Licensing Centers by appointment only, by visiting a retail sport license agent or by using the department’s online COMPASS portal

Our online COMPASS portal provides 24/7 self service access to our entire product catalog of recreational licenses, permits, and stamps; off-road vehicle registrations; magazine subscriptions; and donation options in support of your favorite Maryland Department of Natural Resources programs.

Customers are encouraged to check our website, or contact us at for updates or additional information.​