Frequently Asked Questions about Maryland DNR’s Trail Guide Maps

How can I look at this map?

Click on the link to download – if you have a program which allows viewing PDF files, it should open – you might have to go to the location to which you downloaded the PDF map and open it. If you do not have a program to view PDF files, you can download Adobe Reader for free to view this map.

Can I print this map for personal use?

Yes but because it is designed for printing at 19”x13” the text and symbols will be smaller than intended if fitted to letter sized paper.

I would like to print at the intended scale but my printer doesn’t support larger paper sizes, what can I do?

You can choose the POSTER option and tile this map across several pages show me how.
You can set the display to be 100% and adjust to see your area of interest;  then select to print just the Current View show me how.

Can I use this to on my smart phone?

Yes. There are applications (e.g. Avenza’s PDF Maps) which can read the locational information embedded within this PDF file and help you orient yourself while in the field. show me how.

For questions or comments about all DNR mapping products please contact Rodney Vese, Jr. at