6 knot buoy

Buoys & Markers

Contact our Hydrographic Operations unit to report an off-station or damaged buoy.​

Boaters Protecting our Waterways

Protecting our Waterways

Boaters can use Maryland Clean Marinas and practice Clean Boating habits to protect our waterways.​​

Boaters Protecting our Waterways

Boating Safety Course

Provide your friends and family with a safe boating experience. Boating Safety Requirements and course options.​​

Small boy with fish on rod

Boating and Fishing go Hand-in-Hand

Please visit the fisheries pages to learn about regulations, fish stocking, and to read the fishing reports.  

Courtesy on the Water

The Chesapeake Bay is home to an array of boats and boaters. There are over 200,000 registered boats in the State, which means everyone needs to be aware of their actions on the water. Learn more about courtesy on the water and do your part to make Maryland waters enjoyable for all users.

​Personal Watercraft (PWC)

There are over 12,550 Personal Watercraft (PWC), commonly called Jet Ski’s or Wave Runners, registered in Maryland. Learn more about the rules and regulations for PWCs and how to operate one in a responsible manner by visiting the special safety section for “PWCs”.

​Invasive Species Notice for Boaters

Prevent the spread of aquatic hitchhikers. The zebra mussel is an exotic and harmful species that are a form of biological pollution and damage aquatic ecosystems. Click here to learn how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels in Maryland.