Nanjemoy WMA

Nanjemoy WMA consists of several parcels of land situated along the Potomac River and Route 224 in southwestern Charles County that were acquired beginning in 2001. The Nanjemoy WMA areas of Wilson Farm, Liverpool Point, Douglas Point, Ben Doane Rd. and Purse encompass a total of 1830 acres open to recreational activities such as bird watching, fishing and hunting.  The 185-acre Wilson Landing Area is leased to Charles County Recreation and Parks for operation as a County Park with boat launching facilities.  An additional 548 acres is managed by the Bureau of Land Management as the Douglas Point Special Recreation Management Area.

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Ben Doane Parcel

What To See

Nanjemoy WMA offers a variety of habitats and miles of marked and unmarked trails. At the end of Wilson Landing Rd. there is an inlet known as Mallows Bay - a unique historical site where you can see the remnants of old ships. Now colonized by plants, these ships serve as osprey nesting platforms and provide fish habitat. At Nanjemoy WMA you are likely to see a variety of wildlife ranging from turkey, deer and foxes in the forests to Great Blue Herons, Eagles, Turtles and Ospreys along the river and in the wetlands.

What To Do

The Wilson Landing Boat Ramp at the end of Wilson Landing Road off of Route 224 is operated by Charles County Parks (For more info: ). Hunters come to Nanjemoy WMA for the white-tailed deer, gray squirrels, wild turkey and waterfowl. Hikers will find unmarked trails for bird-watching, nature photography and hunting. The beaches of the Purse Area at the southern end of the property are known for fossil hunting.

Area Regulations

  • Click here to apply for the free Southern Region Public Hunting Permit.
  • Use of Nanjemoy WMA is generally permitted seven days a week.
  • Hunting is allowed in accordance with open seasons, bag limits and shooting hours.
  • Trapping is by permit only.
  • Use of the handicapped accessible waterfowl blind is by permit and reservation only.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited off of paved roads or designated parking areas.

Non-hunting Users Guide

  • Non-hunting visitors are welcome.
  • Be aware of open hunting seasons and visit accordingly.
  • Birders and hikers will enjoy traversing the marked and unmarked trails and old logging roads that wind throughout the property.
  • The marshes and wetlands are rich with bald eagles, osprey, hawks, turtles, and herons.
  • A wide variety of forest interior dwelling birds can be observed in the upland forests during the nesting season.

Site Management Practices

  • There is currently no active site management.
  • Site management objectives and practices will be established as part of the WMA Planning Process that is currently underway.


Nanjemoy WMA is located in Charles County, 20 miles southwest of La Plata on Route 224 (Riverside Rd.). Take Rt. 301 south to La Plata. Travel west on Rt. 225 (Hawthorne Rd.) for 9 miles, then turn left on Route 224. Nanjemoy WMA will be along the road about 13 miles south. For additional information, contact the Myrtle Grove Office at (301) 743-5161.