Nanjemoy Creek WMA

Nanjemoy Creek WMA is a 230-acre site situated along the western branch of Nanjemoy Creek in southern Charles County. The property is entirely forested except for the 8 acres of tidal marsh along the creek. The Nanjemoy Creek WMA was acquired through purchases in 2009 and 2014.

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What to see

The majority of the property is forested, providing opportunity to see white-tailed deer, turkey, and forest interior dwelling birds. Along the marsh, herons, bald eagles, osprey, migratory song birds, raccoons, otters and muskrat are some of the wildlife that you might see.

What to do

This area provides for waterfowl hunting from any one of the three blind sites along Nanjemoy Creek. Hunters can also enjoy the pursuit of forest dwelling game such as white-tailed deer, squirrel and turkey. There are trails winding through the property that provide access for hunters, birders and hikers.

Area Regulations

  • Click here to apply for the free Southern Region Public Hunting Permit.
  • Use of Nanjemoy Creek WMA is generally permitted seven days a week.
  • Hunting is allowed in accordance with open seasons, bag limits and shooting hours.
  • Trapping and waterfowl hunting is by permit only.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited off of paved roads or designated parking areas.


Non-hunting Users

  • Non-hunting visitors are welcome.
  • Be aware of open hunting seasons and visit accordingly.
  • Birders and hikers enjoy traversing the trails that wind throughout the property; however, the trails are not marked and are only minimally maintained.


Site Management Practices

  • There is currently no active site management.
  • Site management objectives and practices will be established as part of the WMA Planning Process that is currently underway.



Nanjemoy Creek WMA is located in Charles County. From La Plata take Rt. 6 west (then south) to Tayloes Neck Rd. Parking is on your left in approximately 1 mile. For additional information, contact the Myrtle Grove WMA office (301) 743-5161.