Browns Branch Wildlife Management Area

White-tailed deer at wood's edgeThe former Ben-Lee property was acquired by the Department of Natural Resources in March 2019. The 1,172 acre tract is dedicated to wildlife conservation.

What To See

Browns Branch WMA provides habitat for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, squirrel, rabbit, migratory waterfowl, and songbirds.

What To Do

The area is open to hunting for all game species during the regulated seasons established by the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service. Hunters are required to have a permit and daily reservation to access the area. The WMA is open to hiking, bird watching, and nature photography.

Area Regulations

  • Hunting access to Browns Branch is from September 1 through February 28 for the hunting season to seasonal permit holders with a daily reservation. This restriction is also in place for hunting access during the spring turkey season.
  • Click here to apply for the Central Region Public Hunting Permit.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed.
  • Parking is available in designated parking lots.

Non-Hunting Users

  • Non-hunting users are welcome and need to be aware of open hunting seasons and visit accordingly.
  • The area is open to hiking, bird watching, and nature photography.

Site Management Practices

Browns Branch WMA consists of 1,172 acres which includes a 682 acre agriculture lease. The remaining acreage mainly consists of deciduous forest land, with several small freshwater ponds and streams located throughout the property. A WMA Vision plan will be developed in the near future to guide future habitat management practices on the property.


Browns Branch WMA is located southwest of the intersection of US 301 (Blue Star Memorial Highway) and Rt. 300 (Sudlersville Road). The property is bordered by Rt. 301 to the north, US 301 to the east, and Hall Road to the south. Three parking lots are located around the property. Two parking lots can be accessed from Rt. 300, with the other parking lot located along Hall Road. For additional information or seasonal permits, contact the Gwynbrook Wildlife Management Area Office at 410-356-9272.

Click here for a map of Browns Branch WMA