Maryland's Salamanders and Newts  (Order Caudata)

Spring Salamander (Gyrinophilus porphyriticus)

Photo 1: Adult photo of Northern Spring Salamander courtesy of Lori Erb
Spring Salamander by David Huth CC by NC 2.0

4 ¾ - 7 ½ in; Record – 8 ⅝ in.

  • A large lungless salamander. 
  • Stout-bodied with a keeled tail. 
  • Almond to brownish pink or orange or reddish brown. 
  • Variable patterns may be muted, darker shades. 
  • A light line runs from eye to nostril along a raised ridge.


Habitat photo for Northern Spring Salamander courtesy of Matt Kline
Habitat Photo for Spring Salamander courtesy of Matt Kline

  • Springs, shaded seepages, mountain brooks, wet caves and depressions. 
  • Small headwater streams that lack predatory fish.
  • These animals may move farther from their aquatic home range after rainstorms. 
  • Between 300 and 6,600 feet in elevation.

Distribution in Maryland:
Maryland Distribution Map of Northern Spring Salamander