Maryland's Salamanders and Newts  (Order Caudata)

Southern Two-lined Salamander

Photo courtesy o​f Andrew Hoffman CC by NC ND 2.0

2 ½ -3 ¾ in; Record: 4 5/16 in

  • This species is similar to the northern two-lined salamander, but it has 14 costal grooves. The northern two-lined salamander has 15-16 costal grooves.
  • A small and slender stream salamander with a greenish-yellow or orange back with two parallel dark brown or black lines running the length of the body. The lines may be complete or somewhat broken.
  • The area between lines contains many scattered black spots or blotches, which may also extend down the sides below the lines.
  • The belly is yellowish.

This species is primarily found in streams and is associated with seeps, springs, brooks, and floodplain wetlands. They are often found under the cover of rocks, logs, woody debris, and leaf packs.

Distribution in Maryland:
At this time, the only documented records in Maryland are in Worcester County. A historical report also exists from Wicomico County.
Distribution in Maryland - Southern two-lined Salamander