Maryland's Salamanders and Newts  (Order Caudata)

Northern Two-Lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata)

Adult photo of Northern Two-Lined Salamander courtesy of John White
Adult Photo of Northern Two-Lined Salamander courtesy of John White

2½ - 3 ¾ in; Record - 4 ¾ in.

  • A small and slender stream salamander with a greenish-yellow or orange back with two parallel dark brown or black lines running the length of the body. 
  • Lines may be complete or somewhat broken. 
  • Area between lines contains many scattered black spots or blotches, which may also extend down the sides below the lines.
  • The belly is yellowish.


Habitat photo courtesy of  Matt Kline
Habitat Photo for Northern Two-Lined Salamander
courtesy of  Matt Kline

  • Under rocks and logs along the margins of small streams or seeps within deciduous and mixed forests. 
  • It also may occur in the forest floor far from streams during warm wet weather.

Distribution in Maryland:
Maryland Distribution Map of Northern Two-lined Salamander