Maryland's Salamanders and Newts  (Order Caudata)

Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma opacum)

Adult photo of Marbled Salamander courtesy of Lori Erb
Adult Photo of Marbled Salamander courtesy of Lori Erb

3½ - 4¼ in; Record - 5 in.

  • A chunky salamander. 
  • Light crossbands, of variable size, shape and width, on an otherwise black back and sides. 
  • The crossbands are grey in females, white in males. 
  • The plain belly is also black.


Marbled Salamander habitat, photo courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers
Habitat Photo for Marbled Salamander
courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers

  • Deciduous and mixed forests adjacent to vernal pools.
  • Eggs are laid in the fall under coarse woody debris while the pools are dry. 
  • Female guards the eggs until pool is flooded.

Distribution in Maryland:
Maryland Distribution Map of Marbled Salamander