Field Guide to Maryland's Frogs and Toads (Order Anura)

Eastern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans)

Adult Eastern Cricket Frog, photo courtesy of John White
Photo by: John White
Former Name:

  • ⅝ - 1⅜ inches

  • Small warty treefrog that does not climb.
  • Highly variable in color, but typically have a greenish blotch over a brown back. 
  • Diagnostic feature is the ragged dark stripe down each thigh, and usually have a dark triangle between the eyes, like the chorus frog.


Photo of  Habitat for Eastern Cricket Frog, courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers
Photo of  Habitat for Eastern Cricket Frog,
courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers

  • In or near permanent bodies of shallow water, either in emergent vegetation within the wetland or in herbaceous vegetation along the shoreline, particularly in open areas receiving sunlight most of the day. 
  • They may also be found on bars and shorelines of sluggish or intermittent streams.

How to Find:
  • Listen for the call “gick, gick, gick, gick”, which starts slowly then rises and picks up speed, continuing for 20-30 “gicks”.
    It has been likened to the sound of two marbles being struck together. Calls day or night.
  • Look for them as they rapidly hop just out of reach in shallow depressions along the shoreline of ponds and streams. 

  • Distribution in Maryland:
    Eastern Cricket Frogs can be found throughout much of Maryland.
    Maryland Distribution Map for Eastern Cricket Frog
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