Bat Box Location Instructions & Picture


Graphic illustration of ideal bat box location 

The bat box should be:

  • Erected at least 10 feet off the ground.

  • Placed in an open area where it gets at east 7 hours of direct sun.

  • Placed within ¼ mile of water source.

  • Within 10—30 yards of cover (bats are vulnerable to predation when exiting)

  • Located in good foraging habitat containing forests, clearings, and wetlands with abundant insect activity.

  • If an existing bat roost is nearby, bats may or may not use the box, but they will be aware of box availability should anything happen to the existing roost.


The bat box should not be:

  • Erected in a shaded location, unless trying to attract intermittent use by several bachelor or non-breeding females.

  • Located over bright substrate, which will reflect light up into box.

  • Placed near burn barrels where smoke will disturb bats.

  • Erected where the box is prone to vandalism.

  • Erected directly over highways. Bats swarm the roasts during the dawn return and are vulnerable to automobile traffic.

  • Placed in brightly lighted areas.

Illustration and Instructions courtesy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission