An Evaluation of Deer Management Options

"An Evaluation of Deer Management Options" was collectively developed by the New England Chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Northeast Deer Technical Committee. It was created in 1988 and was revised in 2007 by the Northeast Deer Technical Committee* to include the latest information on the available deer management options.

This document should serve as a valuable resource to anyone interested in deer management. Homeowners, landowners, property managers, and Natural Resources professionals should find it an invaluable tool for deer management decision-making.

The facts contained in this document provide the information necessary to make an informed decision on which deer management option is best suited to the needs of the public and the needs of our natural resources. 

*The Northeast Deer Technical Committee is a group of professional deer biologists spanning from Maryland to Maine and several eastern Canada Provinces. The Committee is committed to the study and wise management of the white-tailed deer resource.

An Evaluation of Deer Management Options

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