Proposed 2021-2022 Migratory Game Bird Seasons comments


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Posted February 8, 2021

The season limit of 1 bird is one of the worst things since I have hunted. The population numbers have been higher and higher and the harvests lower and lower. The sport is dying and those young ones and even older guys aren't going to go out set up a bunch of decoys for one dart and even then if you accidentally kill two geese you're breaking the law. When I grew up my birthday was always right at the beginning of the season which was Nov 14th. Now you keep pushing it back to almost Christmas. This is just my opinion on the matter but before to long everyone will have left the sport.

The total proposed dates 2021-2022 look like pretty much the same as we had this past season. I would hope that the proposed season's total number of days might be increased.

Opening seasons in October and November for ducks seem to be a waste of time in the past few years. Some migratory geese may be starting to head south during that time but waterfowl around southern Maryland does not start to heat up until December or January if your lucky. Not allowing to hunt on Sundays has always been frustrating for waterfowl hunters that can only hunt weekends as well. Rough weather conditions on a Saturday can force you to stay home without the possibility of going the next day (Sunday). Also if the goose limit is only going to be 1 per man per day, then is it even worth having a season if the hatch counts are low? There is a lot of money and time spent for each person to be able to kill one goose.

Migratory season needs to be longer, at least 2 bird limit, change the zoning , make all of carroll county western zone during migratory season.

The proposed dates and limit make goose hunting more work than pleasure. It's not even worth going through the motions for one goose plus eliminating the earlier season before Thanksgiving makes things even more difficult. Just getting to a blind in the water becomes harder and harder with freeze ups and stronger winds preventing us from even getting to blind safely. I'm not seeing less geese. If anything there are more geese than before. Pit it back to the way it was 2 yrs ago and go to two geese again. Ducks are also a joke in Talbot county. Hardly see any. Close that down instead of geese

My comment would be instead of having 3 different 'north/south' lines between the sept goose season, the western and eastern duck zone and the late rp/ap goose zone. Make them all the same. Geographically pick the 'middle' line which would be the county line and have all three correspond the same.

One goose per day is hardly worth the effort and is destroying outfitters.......geese are everywhere in both zones......why limit of 5 per day in Western zone ...while only 1 per day in Eastern

the 2020/2021 waterfowl season has been the worst in my 48 years of hunting on the upper shore, I support the closure of the Canada goose season until the breeding population comes back. I have hunted the same farm in Millington, Md. my entire life of hunting, we harvested 6 geese from out pit. As I drive throughout the area, geese are not there. Before we lose the younger generation to bad hunts, I support closure of the season. I love hunting geese as much as any hunter but we need to face the facts as show on the graft of breeding pairs. Thanks for your time

I am in favor of the basic proposal of 6 ducks and one goose if that is what the biology dictates. Please try to increase the scaup limit. It is the fourth most populous duck species in N America. I understand the trend but there are millions more of them than many other species of which 6 may be taken. Please simplify the special seaduck and offshore waterfowl zones. Please consider just combining them into one zone. Please consider having a permit issued swan season. I believe Delaware has done this. Please push to allow Sunday waterfowl hunting as is enjoyed by approximately 46 other states. It will be fine for the MD equestrians to ride while there is waterfowl hunting.. as happens on the other six days of the week. it would be a great boon for the economy of the Eastern shore. Thanks for listening.

why is it rational to have a season to kill birds just for sport?

Canada geese limit should go to 2 per day, I live on the shore and I know the population is doing well

I think the Atlantic Population Goose season should be extended into Feb.15th while the birds are still here. Give us a 2bird a day limit instead of 1. giving not only us old timers a chance to enjoy our great sport here in Maryland. But our youth hunters as well. Waterfowling in Maryland becomes a family tradition with some of us. Most of all around the Holiday ( Thanksgiving and Christmas )please help us all keep these traditions alive. Thanks

As a regular goose hunter on MD. Eastern Shore I support raising the daily bag limit to 2. I believe that a survey would have supported the population. I also think a 1 bird daily limit is killing the sport for hunters, guides and land owners.

The State has a respnseilbity to keep records on people who kill and the number of kills.AS a hiker I have watched hunters shoot birds and then leave the birds and shoot just to shoot and kill. I request time to walk and bike without hunters with Bows or guns. The time for no hunting should be extended.

Having lived and worked in Anne Arundel County for over 50 years, I've observed the marked decline of waterfowl species and numbers. Habitat decline is a major factor. But hunters have moved closer and closer to residences and shorelines. Guns are louder and more powerful, gear more elaborate. At least shorten the season, not lengthen it, please. We are killing the nature we claim to honor. Why live here at all?

As stated: and that portion of Prince George's County west of Route 3 and Route301; and that portion of Charles County west of Route 301 to the Virginia line. It is outrageous that you have this area designated as an AF Resident Goose Zone. Seriously, anyone that hunts/studies waterfowl knows the majority of these geese are migratory birds. You need to remove this arae from the RG Zone. Thanks.

Please allow as much hunting of the Canadian Geese as possible. I live in Montgomery County Maryland on a stormwater management lake and we have the geese by the thousands and they are a nuisance bird. While quite beautiful they pose a public health threat when there are so many in a small area plus they drive away native wildlife. Thank you for your consideration.

Maryland needs to allow Sunday waterfowl hunting and extend the shooting hours until dark after duck season is over for the remainder of late goose season like they allow in the early season.

Regulations should take a conservative approach based on the best case estimates established by AP modeling since other important input has not been carried out or received due to the current pandemic. Until more input is received to improve current modeling algorithms a conservative approach is necessary to protect the AP. Migratory game birds (as well as non-game birds) are essential to the ecosystem, add to the diversity of the Atlantic Flyway, and contribute to local economics and should be regulated to ensure this resource for future generations.

Everything looks good, except the October duck season should be eliminated and added to either November or December in Kent County

I would like to see the resident Canada Goose zone be the same as the new Duck Zones for the the Sept and March resident goose seasons. Keep the dates, but allow more of the state to manage the destructive resident goose.

I am here to say that I am against hunting period.That is all.

Would like to see some Sundays open for waterfowl hunting and ad it to the 60 days.

I would like to know what the difference is between west of 301 and eeast of 301 boundaries. I can only harvest 1 goose on the east of 301, while someone across the road can harvest 5. We have a 30 day season and they have 80 days.the goose population seems very strong where I hunt,but the duck numbers are way down.Thanks

I primarily hunt in the southern potion of Calvert County both on the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay for both ducks and geese. This past season I saw more geese than ducks on a regular basis to the point that I set up for geese on all my hunts hoping to get a few ducks as a bonus along with my 1 goose limit. . I am not seeing a shortage of geese in this area seeing in average of 500 to a couple thousand on each hunt including the days that they did not fly the best. It would be nice to move to a 2 goose bag limit.

Move the October split to the last week in October in the Eastern Zone

Most hunters understand the 1 goose limit, but struggle with only 30 days. Why not exceed the federal guidelines by 1 week - . Have a 6 day Thanksgiving week hunt as well - so 36 days total. Or, potentially opening the season Wed-Sat for 6 weeks to allow for some November dates. Lastly, cant we expect the goose population to boom in 2021-22, given that Canadian pressure this year was almost non-existent given lack of tourist hunters?

Quite punishing Marylanders!!! You take blame us for the decline in goose populations yet every other state on the flyaway has much higher, and much more liberal regulations. You have punished us because of what? Open the seasons up, allow our bag seasons especially goose to the higher. The state need to pressure the other states to decline their bag limits, not just Maryland. You are killing industry, you are killing revenue, and you are only harming the Maryland residents. Marylanders are leaving the state to hunt in neighboring states so they can actually kill birds. There is zero reason to make us responsible for the decline in numbers. We have some of the strictest laws and bag limits out there. Give us some more dates and bag limits, and go after the other states. For the love of God, you're trying to squeeze blood out of turnip.

Would like to see the possibility of shooting times extended to 30 minutes after sunset for ducks and Canada goose

The AP goose season should be extended into February. Due to changing weather and climate conditions in the past few years, the birds should not be targeted as early, and as a result be able to be targeted during the later on in the month of February. I believe this should hold true for the standard duck season as well.

Being that many people are really struggling to make a living and having to work all the hours available to them. Is there any reason that for Atlantic population Canada geese we cannot have a season limit rather than a daily limit, whereby perhaps we get pre printed tags that are non transferable that we have to call in on the day of use, thereby enabling people who actually hunt to feed their family can possibly do that over two or three hunts rather than having to set up and sit out for hours at at time to harvest just one goose.

Youth hunters should have a separate day so they don't have to compete with adult veteransStake blind sites should be limited to 1 per personFirst split of AP canada geese east should be 2 per person and 1 person for the second part of the split

I would like to see the geese limit set so more than 1 bird a day. In addition, To a specific number per week.

I personally feel as though the Atlantic migratory Canadian goose season should have a daily bag limit of at least two as a hunter out in the field this year I witnessed probably double the amount of Canadian geese that I've seen in recent years ​​​​

My observation is the the AP population seems stable in the Mid-Shore, and family sizes of 4-8 birds (judging from flights) indicates some good breeding success. Plenty of AP Geese observed in the Choptank/Miles/Wye watershed. My further sense is that we would benefit by NOT splitting the season, and proceeding to an earlier end date to enable geese to better pair up before migration north. Closing the season in Early/Mid-January doesn't provide any economic benefit and there is

no material difference in hunting earlier vs.later in January. IF you don't split, you COULD allow for a short pre Thanksgiving season for those that consider that as a longstanding family tradition.

Mergansers should be removed from the 6 duck limit. They should have their own category just like coots

Hello, I have read the studies and proposals for the Atlantic Population Goose Regulations. After hunting much of this year and observing Ducks and Geese in Charles, St. Mary's and Calvert Counties, I would say I observed higher than average numbers of Canadian Geese contrary to what was predicted since the waterfowl surveys weren't conducted. I believe a 2 bird 30 day season should be alloted if the breeding survey this spring shows better conditions than years past. This would still be less than the previous 45 day 2 bird limit, but more than the 1 bird 30 day season, which has turned many people away from the sport, and also impacted guide services and businesses throughout the state. Thank you

Regarding the goose seasons, I am an avid hunter of these birds and would be fine with a year or two of a complete moratorium if the population is so low. One bird seems to be trying to strike a balance, but it should really be zero if it's that bad. I also encourage MD to work with the feds and other states to harmonize the approach. States north of us having larger bag limits means our efforts are likely moot. I would also support a tag system along the lines of big game if that would be more effective management tool. But above all, I think you have got to follow the science and we can all be patient for a few years during a moratorium if necessary. One bird seems a little silly.

Posted February 11, 2021

I like the spear toon of eastern and western zones for ducks and geese during the regular season. However, I think it would be better to push back the first goose split season so u have hunting mid January till the February 5th deadline. By pushing this season back it should allow the early migratory geese to pass through that get shot up in NY for there ridiculous resident seasons in which put a large dent into the young goose population and early migrators

Approach some homeowners associations on Deep Creek Lake for early season permission. One association I know that might go alond with some hunting in the early season is the Maybury Poling Property owners association.

Due to the effects of global warming, Maryland does not get the push of waterfowl from upper states until it gets cold enough to push them down or over from the western part of the US. A lot of us hunters would like to see the closure of the October and November season and extend the season from December - February.

I believe that the goose population is well below historical norms in the Wye Island area, but seems stable over the last couple years. I would not be in favor of increasing goose or duck limits at this time. I would favor a 3 day goose Thanksgiving Shoot and a non split season starting later, but ending about the same time.

Hi my name is Ryan ebsen and I think maryland should allow Sunday hunts for waterfowl just like West Virginia and Virginia because it's a federal birds so if they can do it why can't we some weeks I gotta work six days a week unfortunately I can't hunt duck or geese on them Saturday's because of work but if you guy allowed Sunday hunting I could. And I was wondering late season why can't we hunt until dark for late goose season because 30 mins before dark it's still daylight and you can still distinguish a duck from a goose and I'm speaking for all my waterfowl buddies

Migratory geese populations have been on the rise this 30 day season and one goose per day limit has to go what is affecting hundreds of hunters and guides in a very negative way give us back the two bird or at least give us a 45 day season it is pointless to go out in the field and shoot one goose and have 30 days to do so when we look so forward to the season. the season needs to be proposed later ending in February or earlier starting in November.

As an Eastern Shore waterfront resident and hunter I can attest to the reduced number of Geese for the last several years. I like the shortened season and hope this helps bring the numbers back up. Looking at the other states around us, Pa, Del, NJ & NY, and what they are doing is useful. Many are splitting the season into a short Thanksgiving split...say 3 days and then one longer split that runs from Dec to Jan. Thanksgiving hunts have been a tradition for decades and I'd like to see it continue. I have been disappointed with the Md splits over the last two years since they coincided with a full moon. The geese will feed at night at these times and a field hunt becomes difficult. I am pleased to see the suggested reduction in bag limits to one bird for all of the states in the AP flyway. But, I am shocked to see they have a resident season that runs from Sept 1 to 25 with an 8 to 15 bird limit. I always see migratory geese show up on my waters, on the Wye River, beginning in mid-September and understand why Md shuts off its resident season on Sept 15. If they are showing up here in mid-September they are migrating through NY, NJ, Del and Pa during their resident season. Now I think I understand why the numbers are plunging. They are getting wiped out on their way down to our waters.

Did I are coming down later each year, or so it seems. Start the second split later, and let it run until mid-February.

I think this is a sound proposal


I disagree with the limit on migratory Canada Geese. I am currently seeing hundreds of Canada geese in fields all around Calvert County MD. Today, I saw near 1000 in one field near my home.

Season needs to go into February!!

I like the idea of reducing the limit to one goose in all AP states. I suggest no hunting on Monday or Tuesday but open waterfowl hunting all Sundays, on all public lands, not just private lands. End impoundment hunting. I'm no expert in this field but if the idea is to be more conservative why is Maryland allowing private landowners to flood standing corn and milo? Doesn't this make killing geese easier and doesn't that mean we overall Maryland hunters are killing more geese than we used to before private impoundments? Aren't we trying to kill fewer?

I think the western zone duck season should start later then October 2nd. What is the purpose of starting the western zone two weeks ahead of the eastern zone?

Consider requiring non tox ammunition for dove hunting on WMAs. It is cheap and effective but most importantly non tox.

Your sussquehanna flats bill is ruining a upper bay tradition. The way to hunt the flats is scout find ducks and set up the following day where ducks were found. Limiting the methods and areas for waterfowl hunting will make that more difficult on a already difficult area to waterfowl hunt. Thank you just my 2 cents

I would like to propose to see the special sea duck season start to be pushed back by 2 weeks it will help slow the number of hunters putting pressure on the birds as there will be other species to hunt

As a long time Maryland duck hunter I would like to see the shortening of the second split of the duck season and possibly shorter third exchange for a 7 day season in February .

The season should now be extended to the end of February

2 Canada geese per day in the Atlantic population... there is no shortage of birds

Why is teal season just as long as second split, it just doesn't make sense. Make teal season a week and add that extra week in one of the first two splits.

There are limited WMA's for good waterfowling in the western zone as compared to the acreage available in the eastern zone in WMA's. I feel that starting the first split two weeks ahead in the western zone will put undue excessive pressure on the few good WMA's in the western zone. Hunters looking to expand the season that otherwise would be hunting the eastern zone will look at trying some western zone properties that are already severely overcrowded on opening days and Saturdays. Local populations of ducks in the western zone will be overhunted making for poor hunting in the later season and future.

Duck season should be extended to the end of February. The last four years ducks have not moved into the Cambridge, MD area until after the season has ended.

Please consider extending the eastern zone season for migratory geese, or allowing another bird per person 1 bird per person is not enough. Between trying to protect crops on fields they are also destroying the wheat that is getting planted that is required by the state of Maryland as a cover crop. The amount of money that every hunter shells out between having the correct federal stamps and licensing required it is simply not worth it. The state of Maryland would not only see an increase in licenses sales but also reap the benefits in the tax money they love so much between ammo, guns, camo etc etc. Also we could bring back guide services to the Southern Maryland Area which would bring in even more money to the local areas that could help these farmers stay afloat during off crop seasons.

I believe the AP goose season limit should be at a minimum of 2 a day.

As a goose hunter I want to see the population flourish and I'm Understanding of the 1 bird limit. However, in order For Canada numbers to grow the 1 bird limit needs to be instituted to the entire flyaway, not just Maryland. The early resident season in Vermont, New York, etc needs to close earlier due to the fact of many migrators getting killed during the resident season. Maryland needs to press US fish and wildlife along with other states and make the 1 bird limit mandatory for everyone. Hunters killing 2-3 bird per man limits in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania does not help the situation. If we want to see better population numbers make everyone work together to get there.

Continuing the migratory goose limit at 1 bird isn't worth the time and effort to hunt. If populations are that low, then put a moratorium on hunting them at all. Regarding resident geese, those populations look to support greater bag limits.

I'd like see the ap goose season framework done like they do the crow season. Hunt Wednesday-saturday so the 30 day season can be spread out more and get a few days around Thanksgiving. Alot of us only get to hunt weekends and holidays. Would give us some more time in the field

The Atlantic Canadian Goose population is booming. The harvest of only one bird is not efficient for conservation. From my hunt in the 2020 season my personal opinion is the limit should be 2 per person.

We need a 2 bird a person goose limit for migratory birds

5 year moratorium on Canada geese. Get it over with, we'll be better off down the road. And limit the states around us with Geese and Mallards as well. The birds are figuring out that farming practices in this flyway have changed dramatically. They follow the food. New York's late resident season is not helping anyone but New York. If the Mallard population is so bad, then a moratorium there as well. Makes no sense to see Arkansas with straps full of mallards. They all come from the same pot hole region.

The prior year change to the atlantic population goose season is unjust. If every state above maryland makes no change, the changes maryland made are pointless. Maryland is towards the bottom of the migration flyway. The amount of resident geese that inhabit Maryland is astronomical. We need them removed but maryland does not work on getting hunters new ground to hunt them. In order to remove the residents hunters must be able to hunt where the residents reside.I have no issue with the duck seasons and limits proposed.

The eastern Canada goose limit should be increased to 3 birds per hunter, and extended to March 10th

Please allow. The bird population is out of control.

I spend a lot of time on and near the water. On the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay area around Solomon's Island. There is not a fraction off the sea ducks there use to be. I certainly hope someone is monitoring this population. This year the want near as much shooting in our area. Please monitor this population. It's obvious the sea ducks population is being decimated. I still hunt puddle and geese. But would not dream of shooting a sea duck right now.

Do the breeding pairs survey BEFORE considering any season lengths or bag limits . Very aware that no survey was done for the 20 - 21 season's thus the need to do it this year . On the AP Geese , how about a 45 day season with a limit of 2 per day Also the bag limit should be the same for all Atlantic Flyway States . If the geese are in that much trouble then close the entire season in the entire Atlantic Flyway

The amount of geese we have in st Mary's county and only allowed 1 goose a day is crazy. But after January 31 I can drive 35 mins north and kill 5 a day until March. The birds south have to go back north why are they allowed to kill them? I get tired of hearing oh they have a problem with local geese but kill Canadians all February. If there is truly a resident population problem why not give them more early resident goose hunting or even a April season. In St Mary's I believe we should be allowed at least 2 geese per day even shorten it like u guys already have done but it's getting ridiculous to buy shells and license go out set decoys with 4 guys and in no time limit out.

Looks great

I've been hunting waterfowl in Garrett county for 20+ years. One big frustration is that our late resident season usually gets froze out like currently. We out I the western counties have a long season but don't get to take advantage of it often as the birds leave due to no roosts being open. I wish they would take two weeks off the end and add it to the early September season. After all this season is designed to lower the number of geese. If the geese aren't here it's hard to lower the numbers. Thanks

Any chance on pushing the AP Goose Season in January back some. Shorten it on the front end starting January 20th and go into February? Maryland's AP late season is very weather dependent. If we get cold weather up north, the geese seem to move south to the Chesapeake Bay area. Traditionally, Maryland does not get really cold/snow until February. Just a thought.

If a youth waterfowl season occurs during an open waterfowl season (as on 2/6/2021 when late resident goose season is open in certain areas), a hunting party should be allowed to consist of A)one unarmed adult (who meets the requirements) per youth hunter, plus B)adult goose hunters with the proper licenses and stamps should be allowed to be armed and shoot geese in the same location.If a goose blind has a 10 person capacity, it could have:A) one youth hunter, one unarmed adult, plus 8 adult goose huntersB) two youth hunters, two unarmed adults, plus 6 adult goose huntersC) three youth hunters, three unarmed adults, plus 4 adult goose hunters

I think the season for ducks should expand to the first 2 weeks of February. The diver ducks don't even get here normally till the end of January. The birds aren't even here the first and second split and December there's not many. I think the limits are good. I hunted like 3 days out of the week the entire 3rd split and never got a 6 duck limit it was always a grind to get 3 duck. I scouted a lot and didn't see the divers really show up in big rigs till the end of January and now in February there thick. I hunt on the western shore around the sparrows point area and would like to hunt down the shore in marshes and kill more puddle ducks like mallards wigeon black ducks gadwalls but Im not sure what all you can hunt around deal island, fishing bay, nanticoke. So if you could clarify on that alittle bit would be nice. Thank you

The limit for geese should go back to 2 geese a day. It crazy that a migratory bird a state over can be 3 birds but here in Maryland it's only one. These geese are getting crushed up in New York and we get penalized for it. Goose hunting is starting to lose a lot of interest with only a one bird limit, it's not worth all the time and money for one bird. We already have a very short season. Thanks

Still really feels like we're trying to split the baby on geese - if they're doing that bad (and with the rest of the flyway coming down to our limits from last season, kinda seems like they are), should there really be a season? I get the cultural reasons, the outfitters, etc. - but the outfitters are saying 1 isn't enough and people are angry with 1. May as well go whole hog and make the pain quick and short. Although maybe it's too late for that - maybe that could have been a strategy a year ago but the horse is already out of the barn. Still can't have a Thanskgiving goose under the proposed regs, which is a pain point for a lot of folks. If this is where we end up, fine. Just gonna need to figure out a better way to get on the residents.

Give us back Thanksgiving day and Friday afterThen only hunt Thursday Friday and Saturday rest of the 30 Day season extending it to later in February also hunt the twoMonday holidays stay with one bird limit Or a per hunter for season limit

Why is the 2nd split of the Western region duck season, starting Nov 20, six days shorter than the Eastern region, starting Nov 13? This does not seem fair to those that either live closer to or prefer to hunt the Western zone. Could those 6 days be added to the end of the season to extend it to February 7, 2021 or match the eastern zone starting dates?

We believe that the Duck hunting season should be extended at-least into second week of February. Most of the ducks don't arrive until it gets colder, especially Canvasbacks ! This year was a bad season, too warm.

I wont make this long but I could go on and on about this issue.Why as a paying non resident, Maryland wont allow me to duck hunt?I know I can go with a guide or hunt a WMA but I cant hunt the bay.I understand you have laws to keep people safe and to make it fair but this is wrong. I like to layout boat hunt and hunt flats but not allowed without my MD resident friend. Why is this allowed? If I pay and follow the laws why do I need a MD resident. I also understand that many make a living off the bay from fishing and hunting but there should be something for me to hunt in MD. Maybe 5 days a year allowed to hunt without resident, something. What is the official reasoning behind this.

Closing day should be on a Saturday, not a Monday. Please adjust the dates for January. It would also be nice to have a split for Thanksgiving weekend.

I'm including an e-mail with my comment, but do not need a response. Just offering this up for consideration. Raise the Youth and Veteran's Hunt Days age limit (for youth) to 17, or more precisely under 18. Rationale: federal law, even where it discusses non-citizens treats 17 year olds as minors and affords them benefits on this basis. While I am aware that we are discussing state laws and regulations, 17 seems like a broadly customary age to be considered a minor in this country. Also, I think a youth hunt can have a positive impact on a 17 year old, and attract more future hunters who learn how to safely, and responsibly engage in this activity that I have read has an average participant age somewhere in their 50s.

As an equestrian and trail rider, I have concerns about hunters, and suggest that no hunting be permitted on Sundays so that it would be a safe day for riders, hikers, mountain bikers, and others to enjoy their sports without danger of being shot. Several people in my trail-riding group have reported bolts and/or shot striking near them. Equestrian sports are extremely important to Maryland's economy. While I recognize that hunters should be able to enjoy their sport, it seems fair to others to have one day every week reserved for non-shooting sports.

Since Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware have a swan season how about we finally take the long awaited plunge and get with the times. I asked this in one of the public meetings before and all I got was we (DNR) didn't want to get the public backlash from the soccer moms and that the paperwork was to do so was sitting in a desk drawer with no intentional consideration . The folks that purchase licenses and waterfowl stamps wants to see this. So put it up for public comment sooner than lateral

If there is a reduction in bag limits I plan to drop my out of state MD license. I will only hunt my state and might concentrate on fishing if DE does similar waterfowl reductions. That will also mean dropping DU, Delta, DE WIldlands and many other waterfowl organizations that I have financially supported over the past 30 plus years. Much of MD and DE state and federal open lands were purchased with money from hunters and fisherman. Will these be sold and the money divided back to the people who have assisted in the purchase of these lands?

1 goose on one side of rt 301 vs 5 geese on the other is absurd. Why is this still an active difference? Let's raise the limit to 2 or 3 on either side and have the same season deadline. Can someone please explain this to me?

There are plenty of geese and ducks . We just don't have weather early enough to push birds down . The season should be a bit later to give the hunting world to get some good cold weather hunting in . Also the states above us should be regulated more ,they are to liberal with times and limits . And you should stop all the flooded feed ponds that litter areas of the east coast . Not all have birds while some have all . This is a gray area for baiting and training birds to only hit certain areas .this creates in my experience hot spots and dead zones .

We would like to hunt in February instead of the early teal season. The divers don't really get down here until very late in January. The weather has been changing over the years and we need the cold weather.

Limit increase for the Atlantic Canada Goose seasons. One per day is makes no sense in southern MD. Charles county is essentially split in half with one side a limit of 5 and the other a limit of 1. The same number of geese are on each side of the imaginary line.

I personally think that the Canada goose season dates should be changed just slightly to allow for goose hunting on thanksgiving, a tradition in my family and countless others for as long as I can remember. The easiest way to do this would be to take the first day of the December goose split (a Friday), and take the first 2 days of the January split (a Thursday and Friday). Make both of those splits come in on Saturday and relocate those 3 hunting days to November 25-27 (Thursday-Saturday) over the thanksgiving holiday. If proposed I think most hunters and outdoorsman would have the same view on this subject. Hopefully this can be made right. Thanks for the time.

I am mostly a Canada Goose hunter so I am going to focus on geese, but most of this logic should apply to all waterfowl.I believe an entire flyway limit is needed and should be proposed to the neccessary people. We have not been getting harsh winters therefore the birds have no reason to move south. As a result the northern states hold birds longer since there is no shortage of food. A flyway limit would solve any perceived number issues with mating pairs without have to have a moratorium. As a result of more mild winters I believe the November split should be replaced with a Feburary. Majority of the migration, at least in the areas I hunt do not seem to reach us until late January/February. Another topic I would like to touch on is legal shooting time in the evening. It appears birds, especially late season turn somewhat nocturnal, especially on a clear sky with moonlight. Just about every PM hunt the fly doesn't start until 5 minutes before sunset. I'm sure this is more of a hunter saftey issue, but it is still light for 20 to 30 minutes after sunset.Lastly, Sunday waterfowl hunting needs to be a thing. Hunters lose many days due to less then ideal waterfowl weather on top of having to work. A lot of people can only hunt Saturdays to begin with. If the worry is too many birds killed then once again the answer is a flyway limit. All in all, I think the most important thing is to limit the North. An entire flyway limit of 1 or 2 birds would substantially help the population. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to a response.

Keep season as is.geese are on a comeback alot of juvenile geese at the end of the season this year.

As an avid goose hunter that lives on the upper eastern shore or goose country . I observed less geese in Kent/QA counties than I have since the moritorium. I enjoy hunting them very much, however it is important to sustain a healthy population. I would support a full closure of the season until healthy breeding numbers can be sustained. This includes the entire Atlantic Flyway. I believe the liberal seasons and bag limits from nothern states have contributed to the noticible decline. It appears that NY/PA are killing many birds when they are migrating north.

Good morning, and thank you for the opportunity to comment. 1. We need all of the January days open for Canada goose hunting. The 1 bird restriction is fine. Reduced numbers and older more wary birds limit the over all hunter harvest. 2. Increase mallard limit to 3, allowing only 1 hen per day per hunter. This is a science based alternative which will increase hunter enjoyment and participation while not affecting the breeding population.3. Why did we split zones and take days away from the western half of the state? This makes no sense and only further confuses regulations. 4. Simplify bag limits! The average waterfowl hunter cannot identify waterfowl in flight. Recommend a standard 4 duck limit across 60 days. Hunter harvest isn't hurting the resource. Declining habitat is the issue. The Potomac river system south of Washington DC is in a death spiral and no one seems to care. The Patuxent is already an open sewer. Those are the issues, not the number of ducks we do (or usually don't) shoot.Thanks for letting us comment.

Interest about the 2 duck zones, didn't see the rationale or discussion behind it posted. Would have liked to see some more information.Agree that 1 goose along the entire AP flyway makes sense if the birds continue to just stat above the 100k numberAppreciate the addition of a 2nd bluebill in January. Hopefully counts will be done this year, especially in regards to AP geese.

The states North of Maryland, Pa, Del, and NY all have resident Goose season that runs from Sept 1 to Sept 25 with an 8 bird limit per day. NY has a limit of 15 birds per day. I live in Talbot County and see fall AP geese start to arrive in mid Sept. There is no doubt these states are over harvesting the AP geese on their way here. Md cuts off the resident season here on Sept 15. These states should cut off sooner.

You are allowing hunting too close to the shoreline in Anne Arundel County. The shoreline in a majority of the county is dense with residential units. There should be no hunting allowed in areas in front of the shoreline that has residential buildings. Some of the hunters have behaved disrespectfully by urinating openly from their boats in full view of children in the area. Enforcement checks by DNR is mostly non-existent in the area I monitor.

Hello, My name is Patrick and I am an avid outdoorsman and waterfowl hunter. I believe that the proposals for seasons are ******* and should be turned down immediately. Growing up hunting in MD, it is more obvious every year that Maryland wants to remove every possible option that we have as hunters. The limits have been shortened, and the seasons as well. We have no hunting on Sunday's unlike our surrounding states. There are more then enough birds, if someone would go outside and look you would see that. The 'numbers' do not add up. Please take the people who enjoy these sports into account when making these decisions.

Need to be allowed 2 birds to make it worth while even going hunting. A man how's hinting kills one goose and can't even feed the average. Family of 4 Where 2 birds will. Also what happen to the extra 3 days at the end of the season ? Duck normaly goes out last Saturday then goose stays till the wensday after. PleSe take theses two small steps in consideration I feel that nothing huge it would help a lot of folks

The Atlantic Goose season should go to a 45 day season 1 bird limit. It should go to late january.

Eastern shore md , Kent county , saw good # of geese , low hunter turnout secondary to covid. Would like a 2 bird limit on geese Could drop a few allowable hunting days and increase limit . Would be good for economy to have a full day hunt , am and pm sessions Hope to see Canadian geese's limit increase soon !

The one goose a day limit really makes it hard to justify even going. I know a lot of people depend on part of their income coming from waterfowl hunting and the amount of hunting going on at least on Kent Island has been significantly reduced. I would suggest shortening the season and increasing the bag limit to two a day to make it worth it for hunters to make the investment to come out and hunt.

The limit on the Eastern Zone needs to match the limit on the Western Zone. There is the same amount of geese in each zone. Not to mention a 1 bird limit hardly makes it worth it or enjoyable... Secondly everywhere around the Eastern zone, including surrounding states all have higher than 1 bird limits. If its going to be a one bird limit than open the season up longer into February. Opening it any earlier than late November (i.e the week of thanksgiving) is pointless.

I am in support with most changes. But feel strongly about none. I would love to see for western resident geese allowing hunting until 30 minutes after sunset. That last half hour is when geese fly, they are not mistakable this time of year. Also it is a very commonly ignored rule, many assume its e same as deer.

I would prefer a goose season tag program. Allowing bonus tags for purchase would generate revenue. Start with 5 season limit and allow additional tags for $5. Shooting only one per day is hardly worth the effort.Also, I would prefer youth and veteran days separately rather than on the same day. Veterans on 2/5 and youth on 2/12 would fit within the 14 day federal allowance. Also, I'm not sure what the federal guidelines permit, but allowing veterans and/or youth tags for extra birds during the regular season would be a nice incentive as well.

Atlantic Flyway - Why are the states north of Md allowed 2 geese and we are allowed 1. Same geese same flyway. If in fact they are in trouble should it not be everyone in that flyway handled the same. I watch geese fly across Rt 3 everyday, they can shoot 5 on one side and 1 on the other? Furthermore west of Rt 3 in PG county they can hunt until March 15th and they call it Late Season Resident Geese Makes zero sense to me as I can tell you the migrators are still here through February and into March and both fly across the highway. Same geese same flyway. Seems to me the fewer geese harvested would enhance the flyway overall, why are they allowed to kill 5 times as many on the other side of the road and twice as many from north of Maryland to Canada.If they want a resident goose season then they should make sure the migrators have not arrived and have returned before the season is open. Start/end Sept and Start/end in April. then people are only shooting resident geese.If in fact we are going to have a 30 day season then fine. Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 10 weeks. This would give the average hunter more weekends when we can actually hunt. They do this for crows. Most of us still work for a living and weekends are the only time we can hunt.Why do we open duck season at different times, causing too much confusion? It should be the same for the main season with the same dates. I get the early duck seasons but during the main season ducks on the 12th and geese on the 15th, reallyWhy does waterfowl season have to close during deer season, everything else remains open.I was under the assumption the DNR was for hunting and having people enjoy the outdoors, why do you make it so difficult for hunters. Little things like staggering duck season, split seasons, etc. I know many hunters that are frustrated with the rules changing. Keep it up and maybe we won't have hunting to worry about.

I would recommend bumping the daily bag limit of Canadian geese to 2 per person because it's not really worth setting out 15+ dozen decoys just to kill one bird there is a lot of geese in maryland and goose hunting may die out because people won't think it's worth hunting for one goose.

I feel like 2 birds per person would be reasonable considering the increase of birds we've seen this year alone plus 1 birds demotivates hunters to put the time in the time and effort.

Posted February 15, 2021

I am a farmer and enjoy wildlife photography. I would appreciate a closer look into reducing the bag limits for ducks in the Western Region. I have noticed a big decline in the amount of mallards and any other breed is not common to see in my area. I enjoy seeing ducks and especially wood ducks and any other migrating ducks. I do not understand why we can't let the duck breeds come back to more sustainable numbers. I realize mallards are more common but certainly not like they were 15 years ago. I don't even see geese like I used too. I have had zero wild successful hatches of mallards at my farm pond over the past 2 decades. We have an enormous amount of predator pressure.

Thank you for this opptunity to comment. I'm on Eastern Shore resident and waterfowler. 1) Not a fan of the Oct duck split. Move those days to Nov and Dec. 2) Try to avoid laying the AP goose season on full moon days - that is very predictable but weather is not. 3) It would be interesting to hear hard data and reasoning on the decline of Eastern Mallards in the US. 4) It is important to fly and conduct your surveys given the condition of the AP geese and Eastern Mallards. Thank you again,

Atlantic Flyway - Why are the states north of Md allowed 2 geese and we are allowed 1. Same geese same flyway. If in fact they are in trouble should it not be everyone in that flyway handled the same. I watch geese fly across Rt 3 everyday, they can shoot 5 on one side and 1 on the other? Furthermore west of Rt 3 in PG county they can hunt until March 15th and they call it Late Season Resident Geese Makes zero sense to me as I can tell you the migrators are still here through February and into March and both fly across the highway. Same geese same flyway. Seems to me the fewer geese harvested would enhance the flyway overall, why are they allowed to kill 5 times as many on the other side of the road and twice as many from north of Maryland to CanadaIf they want a resident goose season then they should make sure the migrators have not arrived and have returned before the season is open. Start/end Sept and Start/end in April. then people are only shooting resident geese

The average hunter more weekends when we can actually hunt. They do this for crows. Most of us still work for a living and weekends are the only time we can hunt. Why do we open duck season at different times, causing too much confusion? It should be the same for the main season with the same dates. I get the early duck seasons but during the main season ducks on the 12th and geese on the 15th, reallyWhy does waterfowl season have to close during deer season, everything else remains open.I was under the assumption the DNR was for hunting and having people enjoy the outdoors, why do you make it so difficult for hunters. Little things like staggering duck season, split seasons, etc. I know many hunters that are frustrated with the rules changing.

Here are my thoughts. Atlantic Flyway - Why are the states north of Md allowed 2 geese and we are allowed 1. Same geese same flyway. If in fact they are in trouble should it not be everyone in that flyway handled the same. I watch geese fly across Rt 3 everyday, they can shoot 5 on one side and 1 on the other? Furthermore west of Rt 3 in PG county they can hunt until March 15th and they call it Late Season Resident Geese Makes zero sense to me as I can tell you the migrators are still here through February and into March and both fly across the highway. Same geese same flyway. Seems to me the fewer geese harvested would enhance the flyway overall, why are they allowed to kill 5 times as many on the other side of the road and twice as many from north of Maryland to Canada. If they want a resident goose season then they should make sure the migrators have not arrived and have returned before the season is open. Start/end Sept and Start/end in April. then people are only shooting resident geese. If in fact we are going to have a 30 day season then fine. Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 10 weeks. This would give the average hunter more weekends when we can actually hunt. They do this for crows. Most of us still work for a living and weekends are the only time we can hunt. I was under the assumption the DNR was for hunting and having people enjoy the outdoors, why do you make it so difficult for hunters. How am I to get the youth in my network interested in Waterfowl Hunting with these regulations!Billy Poss

I thought last 2019 was bad 2020 is worse haven't killed a duck in two years no birds last year nothing this season either.

Why can't we have the traditional Week before Thanksgiving season again ? Birds are migrating and people are off already that week.

Thank you for offering citizens and hunters the ability to comment on these proposed regulations. Regarding the AP migratory geese proposed season: 1. Move the proposed dates to avoid the full moon to the extent possible. With the proposed very limited season and bag limits, this minor change encourages hunting while continuing to manage the species with the best information available. 2. Given that there is no hard data for the 2020 breeding season, the anecdotal evidence in our area (Talbot County, Maryland) shows a significant increase in geese from the past several years. On select days, such as Friday and Saturday, allow a 2 bird limit. This would encourage hunting participation and give some economic relief to hunting guides as well as local business that cater to hunters. 3. Extend the first season by one day to include January 1st, 2022. Many families, including ours, have enjoyed starting off the New Year with a goose hunt. This important tradition can be preserved with a very minor alteration. Thank you for considering these comments and thank you for your hard work in preserving the migratory goose population and Maryland's hunting traditions.

You guys must get a good chuckle out of all these uninformed comments. Seasons and bag limits look appropriate. Consider allowing flooded crops, every crop but corn. Eliminating the appeal of roosting with the food would increase daytime duck activity and therefore Hunter enjoyment. Forcing them to find somewhere else to roost but still offering appropriate winter habitat on the landscape would be a good first step to compromise between the resource and the hunters who actually support and provide the habitat to sustain the resource.

Really it don't matter what we think they are going to keep it the way they have it set don't even no why they have this. But here it goes that October season is crap are wood ducks will be gone for the most part. I completely understand about the Canada season everyone just be patient it will go back to 2 birds. As for certain other duck species you need to set a bag limit on buffle heads gadwalls wiegon teal to a 4 bird limit per person.

This process makes no sense at all. to have a 30 day 1 bird season makes the season not even worth while to most hunters when it equates to 4 hunting days for most. We want to encourage youth and new hunters however we limit their opportunities to get out. Kids in school ect. It makes no sense to have all other states with two or more bird limits and longer seasons, but Maryland only has a one bird limit. As well a migrating bird does not know what side of 301 he is on and the bag limit changes. The regulations are far to complex and common sense needs to be applied. There are plenty of birds around. Just take a look at Calvert County. They are everywhere!!!!

Seasons and limits almost identical to last year except change in October duck season dates in new eastern zone. Curious why the change. No real thoughts on the dates either way. Much rather have the days added to the later seasons.

The idea of Eastern and Western Zones is a good ideaIs there more specific data as to why ducks and mergansers are now under one bag limit?I would like to see implementation of drakes only for a short period of time to see the effects on the breeding populations of ducks

I would like to see the limit stay at 1 bird but extend the amount of days to 45. A mid December to the end of January without a split would give more opportunities to hunt but keep the season restricted.

Birds don't show up in Maryland until the season is over. We are constantly being punished for the hunters in the Northern states. The sport is starting to die. This past year was the absolute worst season I have ever seen. Now that we have gotten some weather all the birds are here. Just like years past. The season should go through February. Get rid of the first and second splits. And as far as your 'proposed' changes for next's almost the exact same ******** as this past season.

Hello, my comments and concerns are on, what I believe, is the unfairness on the proposed and past waterfowl hunting season regulations and length of seasons on Canadian geese. I feel the 'resident/western' zone should not have a 5 bird limit or 80 day season compared to a 1 bird limit and 30 day goose season in the 'migratory/eastern' zone. I have witnessed several MIGRATORY geese leave from places like Allen's Fresh and fly over route 301 and miraculously become a 'resident ' zone bird limit. I propose a 2 bird limit across the state (no zones) and a 50 day season to include SUNDAY hunting on PRIVATE LAND ONLY. Sunday hunting would give the person that work's Monday thru Saturday a chance to hunt his/her own property that they pay property tax on. As for controlling RESIDENTIAL population geese, which appears to be a concern to individuals who determine lengths of season and bag limits, as well as labeling a zone residential, should just give the hunters a longer season during August thru September to hunt the Residents only. Would make sense since no Migratory geese are here during that time. That's my rant and thank you.

I would like to see a 2 goose limit. Maybe we make it a 2 week season. Its tough for hunters to justify the drive to the Eastern shore for one goose. So shorten the season and up the bag limit.

I'm very big into waterfowl hunting. Go almost everyday during the season. This looks from what I can tell the exact same as last year. There is absolutely nothing being done to make our season better. For our area we should definitely be allowed more then a 1 goose limit. We are on the same flyaway as alot of other places that are allowed up to 5. Also our season should go longer. The birds don't migrate here until February. I'm sure most hunters would agree to extend season through February. Would even give days off the early season to do so. It is always more take then give.

2020 season was the worst in 50+ years of Maryland waterfowl hunting. Six days were a disaster due to full moon exposure. Please consider extending the season to 45 days running through February 15. There were very few geese in the area during the first half of the season and no adverse weather conditions.

Posted February 18, 2021

As of last week the numbers of all waterfowl....especially Canadian geese have increased tremendously......thousands of geese in Cecil and Kent counties are obviously have not taken this in account with any aerial surveys.....the limit or the proposed season length is a disgrace to hunters and outfitters....wait up.....and the house bill to stop all waterfowl hunting on the Susquehanna flats except body booting is also a disgrace.....why accommodate this small group and punish every other hunter of waterfowl on the flats is this anywhere near fair

Can you shorten one of the weeks during the first split by 3 days and give us the 3 days in the first week of February that includes February 5?

This section should be in the AP Zone. These are migratory birds. and that portion of Prince George's County west of Route 3 and Route 301; and that portion of Charles County west of Route 301 to the Virginia line.

The ducks and geese don't get here until the cold weather, which because of global warming, is getting later and later. Therefor the season should start in February and run until April or May or until we encounter the ducks on their nests. This would give us a chance at actually killing a few. Higher limits and shooting an hour after dark is needed as well. Thank you.

I favor 1 bird limit for entire flyway. I also favor continuation of 1 bird limit even in periods of abundance. Increase harvest by expanding hunting days.

Posted February 22, 2021

Please consider shooting days for AP goose season to be Monday,Tuesday, skip Wednesday and Thursday and shoot Friday and Saturday This would stretch out the season and allow more time for younger,weekend gunners. We have done this on our farm in the past and seems to take the constant weeklong pressure off the game. Thanks

I saw a lot more geese in Talbot county than you estimated were here. The proposed 1 goose limit should be raised to 2. The one goose limit did not attract enough visiting hunters. Guides, hotels, restaurants, etc., were hurt badly this year. The 2 proposed youth and veterans days will be thoroughly enjoyed, again, by my grandson and me. Thank you for that!

Posted February 25, 2021

I enjoy goose hunting, however to plan a day to hunt, set out many decoys and only able to shoot only one goose it seems ridiculous. There is so many geese on the eastern shore. Please expand the bag limits. Thank you.