How to Comment on the 2020-2034 Draft Deer Management Plan

Public Comments Sought on White-tailed Deer Management

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has produced a draft 2020-2034 White-tailed Deer Management Plan. The plan establishes long-term goals for white-tailed deer management in Maryland, and identifies specific objectives and strategies for achieving those goals.

The Department used input from the public, obtained through a stakeholder group and opinion surveys, to develop a well-rounded, science-based plan aimed at addressing the needs of citizens for the coming years. Maryland’s first deer plan was created in 1998 and revised once previously in 2009.

The public can view the 2020-2034 Draft Deer Management Plan and comment online from Oct. 28 through Nov. 27.

The department will also accept feedback:

By phone at 410-260-8540

By fax at 410-260-8596
Or in writing to:
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife and Heritage Service<
580 Taylor Avenue, E-1
Annapolis MD, 21401


2020-2034 Draft Deer Management Plan

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Note: The comment process here should not be confused with the comments the department takes biennially when updating deer hunting regulations. While deer hunting is a major part of the deer plan, this process is not to solicit hunting-specific regulation suggestions, but instead is aimed at obtaining suggestions regarding deer management in the state in a broader context. Similarly, Sunday hunting, while supported by the department, is legislatively governed and cannot be changed via the deer plan process.